Top Fashion Trends of 2019


top fashion trends


10 Stylish Looks For This Year

Fashion enthusiasts are always trying to learn the latest trends. If you enjoy fashion, then you’ll find this article useful as we walk you through the ideal 2019 wardrobe. Read to learn more about the newest and most innovative ideas that you’ll probably encounter on the runway and in fashionable stores in the upcoming summer and fall.

 practical shorts

1. Practical Shorts

Forget about things that look good but don’t feel comfortable. In 2019, fashion designers want everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin. Practical shorts are loose-fitted and can be knee-length or slightly shorter. They can be worn anywhere from brunch with friends to an afternoon meeting when paired with a formal jacket.

These boyish fashion pieces are suitable for women who don’t believe in gender roles. They also suit different body types because they’re comfortable and practical.




2. Neo Boho Hippy

World-class designers are betting on the new boho trend for people who want to enjoy life to the fullest. We expect to see long layers and loose-fitting garments in sand and beach hues taking over the summer scene. Nature’s influence is combined with geometric patterns and shapes that scream 2019 like no other fashion trend.

The look will be featuring lots of accessories including multiple-layered necklaces, crochet sleeves, in addition to scarves that will complement your look.


 colored suits


3. Colored Suits

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone with suits that cover the whole spectrum of the color wheel. Black, grey, and blue suits are not the only colors you expect to see in a formal wardrobe. Shorts, skirts, blouses, and jackets are coming in bold colors that can be combined with more natural hues to tone them down.

Suits are loose-fitted to provide maximum comfort. The jackets are either single or double breasted, with some models featuring knot fastening. Go for bolder hues or pastels that will make your wardrobe come to life.


skirt over pants


4. Skirt Over Pants

It’s never too early to take a look at the coming fall’s top fashion trends. When the temperature drops, you’re likely going to look for several items that you can layer for extra warmth. In 2019, we expect to see the skirt or dress worn over pants for an extra layer and a statement look. It can almost look like a romper.

This trend works for people who want to stay modest, or don’t want tight clothes to curb their enthusiasm. Moreover, it will let you experiment with various items that have been hiding in your wardrobe for years.


feather trim

5. Feathers in the Morning

Why keep a statement piece for an event when you can wear it every single day? Leather jackets and tops can be worn in the morning, even if you’re not a rock star. It might not be the typical workplace attire, but it’s sure going to turn heads.

If you think that it’s too much for you, you can still have a feather trim on a formal dress or feather sleeves on your lightweight blouse. After all, who doesn’t enjoy that cozy touch? They will sure keep you warm in the cold season.




6. Tie-Dye Here to Stay

The 60s trend is probably here to stay. We expect to see more of the tie-dye trend this summer and fall. You can always combine two matching pieces or wear a colorful blouse or sweater on top of your denim or pants.

Tie-dye sweaters and jackets will be particularly trendy on top of pleat skirts and leather pants in the cold reason. We expect them to add warmth and life to these windy, gloomy mornings where you need that extra brightness. They come in all shades, so they give you more options to pick the one you like.



7. Waterproof Summer Fashion

Waterproof fabrics can be worn in summer. These aren’t mean to protect in the expected summer weather, although they can. But they’re also suitable for some summer beach splashes.

Warm-weather waterproof shorts and jackets look trendy and have this modern edge that you’ve been dreading for years. Why not live in the moment and wear artificial garments that provide great functionality and practicality?




8. Fringes

From tops to jackets, boots, blouses, and pants, you can see fringes everywhere. This western-inspired trend provides movement and freedom, even when it starts to get chilly.

Fringes are worn on top of other minimalist pieces to avoid confusion. After all, you can only have that much movement in your look. Think of fringes on the sleeves of your leather jacket or silk blouse. More fringes are expected to be seen on handbags and headbands




9. Neon

Do you think that neons are too daring for you? Well, they’re definitely for people who like to take risks and experiment. Neon dues are expected to hit the summer season and make it all the way to fall and winter with daring and bold zesty hues.

After years of earthy and pastel hues, neon will probably take over the scene whether they’re worn alone or together. That’s right. There is no shame in combining bold pink with green or yellow for a unique look. The best thing? We expect to see these colors in see-through chiffon as well as warm velvet.




10. Ponchos all the Way

Ponchos are not only for the cold, breezy weather, although they’re designed to keep you extra warm. As a matter of fact, lightweight ponchos will not look a bit extra on your summer outfits.

The poncho will be a staple in a world bound by climate change. Although we’re doing the best to deal with it, the right clothing items can help you stay prepared. Ponchos are practical because they allow you to move your hands freely. They also look good on top of skirts as well as pants.


These amazing trends suit people of all tastes and bodies. Take a good look, and you’ll see that you probably own a few good pieces. All you need is to find the right way to combine them.

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