What is a Romper? — A Fashion Trend or Are Rompers Here to Stay in 2023?

So, you’ve heard the word “romper” floating around the fashion world, but are you really sure about what it is? Does any kind of one-piece qualify as a romper? What about the pieces with long legs or long sleeves? Are they rompers, too? Maybe these seem like silly questions, but they’re fair things to wonder about as you build your spring wardrobe and shop online. 


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Whether you are a fashionista or simply looking for a low-effort, stylish outfit, the romper might be a great addition to your existing wardrobe. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about rompers and jumpsuits that will help you determine exactly what they are and if they’re a good fit for your lifestyle. 

what is a romper

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First and Foremost - What is a Romper?

After seeing a picture of a romper, you may be comfortable with the general idea of a romper, but, what is a romper, officially? It is rather easy to define a romper - it is simply a shirt that is attached to shorts or pants as a one-piece suit, commonly worn by children. However, the meaning of romper has developed dramatically, as they are now a well-known fashion item among women. Even men have joined the trend with the famed #romphim movement in 2016.


Are rompers clothing items meant for children? 

Although the original concept of a one-piece garment was usually applied to children’s clothing, the idea of a romper has since evolved into something more than just a playful outfit. Rompers can be comfortable, elegant, trendy, classic, or even old-fashioned, depending on the style you look at, and all of them are suitable for women of various ages. 


Do rompers have to have shorts?

Although this answer might vary depending on where you live and what fashion circles you run in, typically the answer is yes. One-pieces that have legs that come past the knee are typically referred to as “jumpsuits,” and although they are very similar to the traditional concept of a romper, they tend to cover more skin. In general, rompers have short sleeves or straps and come to about mid-thigh. 

what are rompers

Can Rompers Only Be Worn in the Summer?

Though the romper is traditionally a summer piece of clothing, rompers can actually be adapted into a trendy fall or winter fashion. Pair rompers with tights or leggings to keep your legs warm on cooler days and layer a matching sweater or jacket over the top. To give your style an extra edge, add a matching scarf and beanie to the ensemble!


Do overalls count as rompers? 

Technically, yes! Overalls are just a denim version of the beloved romper, especially if they stop above the knee. Still a little confused? Check out this article where we break down the difference between jumpers, jumpsuits and rompers. 


Are rompers just for girls? 

Traditionally, rompers are considered to be a feminine piece of clothing, but in recent years, the concept of “rompers for men” has swept social media and fashion blogs. Therefore, men and women of all ages have the ability to try on a comfy romper and strut their stuff on the street. 


Do Rompers Only Come in Specific Patterns?

No - rompers actually come in a wide variety of patterns and materials. However, you will see floral patterns used most frequently for rompers as they are a summer-centric fashion item, especially in clothing stores just before summer hits. Choosing to shop online will provide a much larger result of choices for rompers - from solid and simple to floral and complex.


Can people of all sizes wear rompers? 

Although it can sometimes be difficult for girls of above-average height to find rompers that provide enough leg coverage, it’s not impossible. Several stores have introduced lines of rompers that are purposefully geared towards tall women, and you can always buy a romper in a size up to make sure that it comes to the proper length on your legs. They can also come in petite or plus sizing


What Types of Shoes Should Be Worn With Rompers?

One of the best things about rompers is that they are ready for almost any shoe type. Flip-flop, short boot, high-heel, tennis shoe - pretty much any shoe that you can think of will work with a romper. Ideally, you will have to be a little fashion-savvy about the matching. For example, don’t wear exotic club pumps with a brightly-colored floral romper. Still, in many cases, most shoe types will pair well with a romper. Flip-flops and flats are a common favorite.   


What is the difference between a bodysuit and a romper? 

A body piece only covers your torso and crotch area, and it usually isn’t worn by itself. Most people pair it with pants to cover their legs. A romper, on the other hand, can be worn alone as its own complete outfit. 


Can Rompers Be Worn Simply as Shorts?

Essentially - yes. If you like the style and look of the shorts, but you don’t feel like representing #teamromper that day, you can wear the romper and layer a shirt or sweater over top. In order to keep your romper a secret, lean on the side of caution with a longer shirt or sweater.

what is romper

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Why do people sometimes substitute rompers for dresses? 

There are several styles of rompers that are suitable for formal events, date nights, and other activities, and more and more women are opting for those over traditional nice dresses. This is predominantly because rompers are more comfortable and easier to move around in. If you’re tired of worrying about big gusts of wind or sitting properly in your chair, think about switching up your formal attire by wearing a romper dress or a maxi romper


Should Rompers be Retired?

Absolutely not. While this is obviously an opinion-based question, rompers are an incredibly versatile piece of fashion. As mentioned above, they can be worn in the winter and fall with the proper adjustments and layering. They can be worn with almost any shoe-type, so long as it is a fitting match for the style. Finally, they are the answer for style when a woman doesn’t want to wear a dress, but she wants the simplicity of wearing a dress (not needing to match a shirt with a skirt or pants). For these reasons alone, the romper is here to stay.

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