Difference Between a Jumper, Romper and Jumpsuit


We've all heard about them but never actually did get the big difference  Or we just thought it was all the same thing with many names… like soda pop. Well, there is actually a difference and you better be careful. If you stumble upon the fashion police, they might have you arrested for misleading the public and causing chaos. So, we better get to it!


Jumpsuit, Romper and Jumper Compared

difference between romper and jumper

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Ok, so according to fashion and style blogs AKA the ever-evolving fashion constitution, a jumper could be categorized as one of these:

  1. Child's coverall 
  2. Sleeveless one-piece dress typically worn over a blouse

Let’s say we go for the most common definition as “a  sleeveless  dress, or a skirt with a bib and straps or with an open-sided bodice, usually worn over a blouse.” Alight, so basically overalls...(but they can still be trendy!)

So to keep it simple, a jumper is an elegant clothing item where the top and the bottom are attached. It has suspenders attached in the front panel and can be worn on top of shirts, t-shirts, or crop tops.

The most common material for jumpers is denim. These are incredibly versatile and can be dressed up or down. A light blue denim jumper looks great on top of a white t-shirt for those mornings when you don’t want to look like you’re overdoing it. Replace the t-shirt with a sparkly bandeau or glittery sleeveless crop top and match it with a stylish pair of heels and you’re ready for a night at the club or a birthday party.

Today, we can find jumpers in other fabrics like corduroy, linen, cotton, silk, and velvet. These are perfect for various seasons as they can easily match up with a cardigan or a lightweight jacket.

Capri denim jumpers are very popular, but they also come in full length. Most of them feature straight or skinny legs, so they compliment your look especially if you have an hourglass body type.

But then when we use the omnipotent God of searches (come on, we all know it’s Google we’re talking about) almost everything that comes up is…sweaters, for both men and women. And the same thing happens with Pinterest. Why?

Well, fun fact: In England, the British call jumpers, "sweaters!"Ah-ha!

So, I guess it just really depends where you are. Tomato, tomahto.

romper vs jumpsuit

Find The Perfect Jumpsuit For You


Going back to the hunt for the right terminology, a jumpsuit is a lot easier to define:

  1. A one-piece garment consisting of a blouse or shirt with attached trousers.

We get that it's a one-piece garment, but if it has pants attached, it's called a jumpsuit. They are actually one of my favorite choices for the summer nights, you can never go wrong with a sexy backless number. And wearing them in the winter is my go-to, especially combined with something comfy, like fuzzy sweaters and cute ankle boots. Can you say cozy chic?

Jumpsuits are extremely versatile. They are suitable for mornings, evenings, summers, winter, and everything in between. Simple solid jumpsuits are effortless enough to be worn to school or college. More sophisticated options are made of silk or chiffon and can have ruffles, drapes, or drapes. They are dressy enough to be worn on a formal occasion.

Jumpsuits come in different shapes where the cut of the pants can complement your body type. Wide leg jumpsuits are great for pear-shaped bodies. They will make you taller and slimmer especially if you wear them with wedges or high-heeled sandals. The top and bottom parts might feature two different patterns that complement each other.

Unlike a jumper, a jumpsuit doesn’t necessarily have suspenders. It could be strapless, has cold shoulders or one shoulder.

But wait a minute, if the jumpsuit has its trousers attached but not shorts, then what do we call that?

jumper vs romper

 Rompers That Will Make You Stand Out


I thought we had it all covered, but there's only one missing question left: What is a romper? No, I'm not talking about the Spanish verb for "to break," although it sure would be easier to explain. And one does not simply answer this question without a thorough investigation (remember, we're trying to avoid the fashion police). Here’s what I got for you:

  1. A loose, one-piece garment combining a shirt or blouse and shorts, bloomer-like pants, worn by young children.
  2. A similar garment is worn by women and girls for sports, leisure activity, etc.

The only thing we can say for sure is that a romper has attached shorts. It looks like a top, blouse or shirt perfectly tucked into shorts. The possibilities for this type of garment are endless – strapless, long sleeves, short sleeves, halter, with buttons, v-neck, off the shoulder…you name it.

So if you are trying to have a clear distinction between a romper vs. jumpsuit, you can call the ones with pants jumpsuits. If they have shorts, then they are called rompers. Rompers are suitable for beachwear, loungewear, and casual mornings. They usually come in breathable, lightweight materials that allow you to move comfortably. However, some elegant models are made of silk and chiffon so they can be worn on formal occasions.

Rompers are extremely versatile and can be worn under denim jackets or cardigans if it gets a little chilly. But they are generally worn in hot summer weather.

The main difference between a romper and jumper is that the first doesn’t necessarily have suspenders. It could be made of a lightweight cotton blend, synthetic fabrics, silk, or chiffon. Lace rompers make amazing cover-ups for the beach. There are also faux leather rompers that look sexy on the nights where you want to go clubbing. Comparing a jumper vs. romper also shows that jumpers can be worn on colder days or nights.

Romper vs. Jumpsuit

As for a comparison of a romper vs. jumpsuit, it is mainly about the length of the bottom part. Jumpsuits can be made of heavier materials like velvet, corduroy, denim, and even wool blends. They are more versatile than rompers. A tight stretchy jumpsuit looks fantastic with a trench coat or a leather jacket.

If you want to upgrade your wardrobe, then you need to check these three models out and pick the one that suits your needs.

So, we can’t call every jumpsuit a romper but can we call every romper…a jumpsuit?

I propose we stick to our definition and just call the short and casual ones rompers and the longer ones, jumpsuits.

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