Use These Style Tips to Make Wearing Rompers & Jumpsuits Hassle-Free in the Bathroom


Now that you have new trendy rompers and jumpsuits in your closet, you, among many others, are probably wondering the most asked question in romper history, “How do you pee in rompers?”

If you’re planning a long night out with the girls or headed to a day-long music festival, you’ll need to take some precautions when deciding which of your favorite rompers to wear because let’s be real, the longer you’re out = more drinks = more bathroom visits. 

how to pee in a roper

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Stay away from wearing belts

Less is more in this case especially when you reallyyyyy have to pee. The last thing you want to do is fumble around with belts and buckles when you just want to release. 

Some rompers and jumpsuits have ties which are easy to pull to undo, but please, please hold on to them for dear life so they don't take a dip in the toilet water. GROSS.

Wear styles with an elasticized waist

Rompers and jumpsuits with a stretchy waist is the most forgiving style, especially when you decide to eat the whole dinner menu. #foodie4life An elasticized waist is the easiest on/off style to wear, just like a light switch. 

Look for low or side zippers

Avoid rompers and jumpsuits with a full length zipper in the back. You don’t want to give yourself a wedgie by reaching all the way up and back just to get undressed. Choose a romper style that either has a zipper on the side of the outfit or one that starts from your lower back or bellybutton. Let’s try to avoid pulling a muscle here!

 how to

Avoid sleeves

Just like ties, unless you’re going to be extra, extra careful in holding them so they don’t make it’s way in the toilet or dirty floor, avoid wearing romper and jumpsuit styles with long sleeves. Instead, if it’s going to be chilly outside, opt for a cute and trendy sweater that you can easily hang behind the bathroom stall door. 

And yes, you’ll be naked when you do your business.

how to


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