6 Tips to Style a Staple Romper


Let’s face it, rocking a romper can be tricky. However, finding a simple romper that flatters your body type and makes you feel confident is completely worth it. Especially with Spring just around the corner, a simple comfy romper should be at the top of everyone’s shopping list. Our recommendations for staple rompers include any neutral toned, single-colored romper that best flatters your body! Here are some of the many ways you can wear your staple romper over and over again, and still never repeat an outfit.

Add a bright, colorful scarf.

The beautiful thing about a simple staple romper is that it is the perfect canvas for a splash of color. What better way to spice up your new go-to romper than with that colorful scarf sitting in the back of your closet. Any colorful, patterned scarf would be a great way to layer on top of your romper, keeping you warm while also brightening up your look in the easiest way. The scarf can be just as versatile as your romper; wear it traditionally around your neck, wrap it around your hair, or tie it to your purse strings for the easiest addition of color. This is the perfect way to transition a darker colored romper into spring and summertime, and add some easy layers of warmth so you can rock your romper all day and into the night!

Break out that fun sun hat.

Looking for the most effortless, yet Instagram-able summer outfit? Pair a floppy sun hat, your best sunglasses, and (you guessed it!) your staple romper, and you’re set for the most straightforward, yet trendy and put-together look for a weekend day out. Rock this look to brunch with friends, a daytime date with your partner, or even a shopping day on your own to treat yourself. Anywhere you go in this simple outfit, you are sure to be the most stylish, while simultaneously the comfiest person out there. Don’t forget to take some cute pics, this romper outfit is sure to photograph beautifully!

Statement shoes for the win!

This is where your statement romper can easily take on many different life forms. The beautiful thing about a neutrally toned statement romper is that it is a cohesive, put-together outfit all in one single article. No more need to figure out which top goes best with that skirt or pair of jeans! Adding color to this outfit though, can be as simple as choosing a bold shoe option. Your statement romper can be the perfect canvas against which you can rock those fun new statement heels you’ve been dying to wear (but can’t get to match any other outfit)! Still trying to figure out how to rock those colorful sneakers from last season? Look no further than your favorite statement romper. Not to mention, the best pair of chunky heeled booties never fails to pair perfectly with any staple romper. With some experimenting, you’re sure to find the most perfect romper outfit to pair with any statement shoe!

Add a layer underneath.

In colder months, you can still pull off a romper while also managing to stay warm. Simply add a long-sleeved layer underneath your statement romper to bring this item into autumn and winter. We love a good mock turtleneck and romper duo, especially with midi and maxi looks. Add even more flavor into this outfit with some fun layered necklaces, or even statement earrings. With this simple layering tip, the lifespan of your new favorite romper does not have to end once autumn rolls around.

Dress it down with a baseball cap and sneakers.

What better way to dress for a casual summer day than with your most trustworthy pair of sneakers, your staple romper, and a simple baseball hat. We think this is the perfect way to dress down a simple mini romper, but this outfit can work well with midi and maxi romper looks too! This look is great for a girl on the go, whether your day includes running millions of errands or being a tourist in a brand new city, this outfit is both practical, cute, comfy, and takes almost no time to put together. We even love this look for a long travel day. Can you imagine anything better than an airy, light romper on an airplane flight? Talk about an effortless way to travel in style! Not to mention, it’s the perfect outfit that can transition into a flirty nighttime look if you’re on the go all day long.

Dress it up with your best leather jacket and go-to heels.

Now comes the fun part: how to dress up your staple romper! Whether you’re coming from a full day out on the town, or are able to get ready in the comfort of your own home, keep it simple by choosing your trusted staple romper. There are so many ways to dress up a simple romper, but perhaps the best is a tried and true leather jacket and your favorite pair of heels. Throw these items in your back seat if you’re transitioning from a daytime look, or throw these on as you head out the door for a fun night out. The simplicity of a statement romper should pair effortlessly with a leather jacket that you’re sure to have sitting in your closet already! This outfit is guaranteed to be a night out favorite for years to come, thanks to its simplicity and timeless style.

With these tips, you never have to be intimidated by the concept of rocking your best romper, no matter the occasion. All it takes is the right size, fit, and a neutral color that can be transformed into any perfect outfit, no matter the season or occasion. Finding your staple romper may not be the easiest task, but the versatility and ease of finding the perfect outfit once you’ve attained your staple romper is well worth it.

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