How to Style your Romper Outfit on a Small Budget


styling a romper on a budget

Rompers are cool items to add to your spring and summer wardrobe. They’re sexy, playful, and provide the right amount of freedom. But rompers aren’t just good enough for days spent on the beach. A romper can be worn for a morning class, a breakfast with friends, and even a night out. They can be transformed into warmer outfits for spring and fall. Here are a few ideas to style your romper with a small budget.

10 Tips for Styling on a Budget

1. Layer Up

The same lightweight, breezy romper you wear on a warm morning can be styled for the chillier weather. The secret lies in layers.

You can wear a pair of leggings or thermals under the romper paired with your favorite long boots. The romper isn’t your typical cold weather outfit, but some mixing and matching never hurt anyone.


2. Wear with Wedge Sneakers

A romper is a versatile piece that you can wear if you’re spending a day by the pool. But if you add a pair of white sneakers, you can wear your romper to the mall on a day spent with friends walking and shopping.

White wedge sneakers give you that elegant look without compromising comfort. You can spend the whole day walking around, and the wedge will make you look slimmer and taller.


3. Mix with Denim

Rompers are flirty and naughty. Make them more practical by adding a little piece of denim. Denim jackets are good to wear all year long. They come in all shapes, colors, and lengths, so you’ll always find a piece that works for your figure.

Your romper will look extra stylish with a cropped colorful denim jacket. You can wear your embroidered denim jacket on top of a solid color romper for a chilly morning and a stylish look.

Oversized denim jackets are trendy, and they will complement the look of your short romper. Add a pair of boots or sneakers depending on the weather.

4. Go Formal

Rompers aren’t necessarily formal, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t wear your romper to a formal occasion. As a matter of fact, rompers can be easily dressed up by adding the right accessories.

A casual romper that looks excellent with sneakers can be worn to a formal dinner or date night. Mix your romper with a pair of sexy heels and add a tight formal blazer. Ditch the blazer if things get too hot. Don’t forget the perfect clutch that complements the look. You’ll always look great.


5. Add Plaids

Summertime chiffon rompers might not be warm enough for a day spent outside with your friends. Your typical plaid shirt can save the day. It is the right piece to add on top of the lightweight romper. Button it up or keep it open and change the look of a low-key romper. There is no limit to creativity.

The best thing about plaid shirts is that they can work however you choose to style them. Your shirt will look great even when you tie it around your waist if it gets too hot.

6. Basic T-shirts aren’t that Basic

Basic t-shirts are silent yet crucial players in your dress up game. A solid basic short-sleeved t-shirt looks innocent but is never dull. It goes under your strapless romper to transform a beach outfit to a college or school-adequate clothing item.  

You can go for a white t-shirt that works with any color or go bold for a color blocking effect. Striped and polka dot t-shirts also look excellent with solid colors. If you think that your romper is showing too much cleavage, a crop or strapless top can make it look more modest.

7. Wear a Cardigan

Cardigans are incredible items that you can wear throughout the day. Heavier and bulkier cardigans look extra cozy and will look fantastic on top of your cute romper. They’re also excellent if you are a little conscious about your weight after all these summer parties.

Short and lightweight cardigans are perfect for summer nights. After spending a day on the beach, a cardigan will make you warm enough to go for a walk or attend a beach party. Dare to wear colorful cardigans with bows, butterflies, or floral patterns to make your solid romper pop.

8. Dress Up Stilettos

If you think that rompers are only suitable for casual occasions, you need to think again. These chic, versatile pieces can be worn for an elegant outing if you pair them with the perfect heels.

Stilettos might not be very comfortable to wear all day long, but you can never skip them if you want to look extra elegant for a special event. Match your silk or chiffon romper with black stilettos for a date night, formal event, or a get together with friends. You can also go for a bold pair that has a statement detail like a bow or a flower to add something extra to a solid romper.


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9. Wear the Right Bag

Which bag are you wearing with your romper? The options are unlimited, and each one of them will make your romper look unique.

A fanny bag keeps your hands free, so you can carry books, shopping bags, or hold the hands of your loved one. A backpack is practical and will be big enough to fit all your books, makeup, and other belongings. You can also wear your old crossbody bag on top of the romper, and it will always look great.


10. Wrap a Scarf

Scarves are excellent pieces of accessories that can change the look of any outfit. A colorful silk or chiffon scarf will alter the look of any casual romper.

You can also pair your romper with an infinity wool scarf that keeps you warm in chilly and cold weather. Wrap a long cotton scarf or wear it in a bandanna style to change the look of the neckline and provide some cover-up.

The sky is the limit if you want to change the look of a single outfit. Explore different options to transform the look of your favorite romper. This way you can have a different look every day without having to spend hundreds of dollars.

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