Can you Wear a Romper to a Wedding?


can you wear a romper to a wedding

Every woman wants to look and feel elegant. Wedding events can be quite stressful because you want to look trendy but would still like to feel comfortable and able to move around until the ceremony is over. Picking the right outfit for a wedding can be daunting. How can you feel comfortable and make a fashion statement at the same time?

Rompers are effortless and elegant. You can wear them to a day at the beach, a morning at the mall with your friends or a play date with your little ones. So can you wear a romper on a wedding party?


Before asking yourself whether you can wear a romper to a wedding, you should ask yourself about the wedding attire. If this is a beach or a casual wedding, you can definitely get away with wearing your lightweight chiffon romper. As a matter of fact, it will look exceptionally chic and stylish because it will allow you to move comfortably.

Chiffon rompers have movement and are breathable, so they’re perfect choices for summer weddings. They will look great with high-heeled sandals or comfortable wedges if you’re going to spend a long time standing.

Solid chiffon rompers can’t go wrong. Black, light blue, and pastel-colored rompers are good to wear on a morning wedding ceremony or a cozy beach wedding. There are several options to consider when you’re picking the top part of your romper. Ruffles and details on the chest area attract attention, so it will make your bust look more prominent. Off and cold shoulder models show more skin in the top and are suitable for people who have narrower shoulders and wider hips.

Cotton and polyester blends are also popular choices. They’re more affordable than silk and chiffon and combine the durability of cotton with the sheen and flexibility of polyester. Linen is another choice for beach weddings. Make sure that you choose a lightweight material if you are planning to spend a long time in the warm weather.

You can choose geometrical and floral prints, and they will look suitable for the occasion. You can also pair a solid color with matching prints for a uniquely stylish look.

Rompers look great with necklaces that attract attention to the bust area. The v-neckline is a popular choice in wedding rompers as it shows the right amount of skin. You can either wear strapless, narrow straps, or detailed sleeves. The choice depends on how simple or complicated you wish to look.

You can also add a belt to emphasize the waist area. However, don’t wear a wide belt if you have wider hips because they will draw attention to lack of proportion between the top and bottom parts of your body.

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Styling your Romper for a Formal Wedding

Although rompers are generally casual in nature, they can be styled for formal weddings. Expensive fabrics like natural silk are perfect choices for formal occasions. You can opt for solid dark colors that will attract attention.

Long-sleeved rompers are very elegant. You can add some embroidery details to the sleeves or the top part for a different look. A pearl necklace will complement your heart-shaped or v-shaped neckline.

Don’t forget to add a metallic clutch or purse to complement the look. Platform heels are comfortable and look chic. You’ll be able to move around comfortably in your exceptional outfit.

How to Wear Your Romper to a Wedding? A Few Tips:

A romper is not your typical go-to piece to wear to a wedding. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t dare to wear something unique if you want to. Here are a few tips that can help you style your elegant romper for a wedding.

  1. Don’t show too much skin. A romper is typically shorter than most dresses, so you’ll have to achieve balance by covering the top part. If your romper is short, go for long sleeves or wide straps. You can get away with a strapless romper if it’s a bit on the longer side.
  2. Choose a good fabric. For morning weddings, you can opt for linen, cotton blends, or chiffon. Silk is the perfect choice for more formal and evening weddings.
  3. Add some dressy details. Adding lace, wraps, pleats or ruffles will immediately transform a plain-looking romper to a stylish and new piece that will attract everyone’s attention. Study your body type and think of the place where you should add more details. As a rule of thumb, if you want to attract attention to a certain area like your shoulders or bust, then you should add more details. Fewer details will make an area go less noticed.
  4. Avoid bold colors, especially if you’re adding dressy details. Even for casual mornings, pastel and light colors are a perfect choice. Too many details will make your outfit look confusing. Think of matching colors while picking the accessories to pair with your romper. Make sure that you’re wearing matching shoes and purse.
  5. Think of the height of your heels. Remember that very high heels will make your romper look shorter, which might not be very desirable on a wedding party. Midsize or short heels are good choices to pair with your romper on a formal wedding. Wedges and platforms are also popular because they’re relatively comfortable. Wedges are perfect choices for beach weddings where you can walk around comfortably. For morning and very casual weddings, you can get away with wearing flats. Comfort is the keyword.
  6. Go easy with the accessories. Don’t add too many to avoid a crowded look. Choose the right earrings, necklace, and bracelets that complement the look of your romper. Avoid adding too many accessories if you are adding ruffles or pleats to the top part. A gold or pearl necklace can’t go wrong.

These easy tips will help you make an elegant fashion statement wearing your chic romper. Don’t be afraid to try it next time and you’ll definitely turn heads.

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