Summer Must-Have: The Romper Dress


Summer is officially here and what better way to take advantage of the warm weather by wearing cute and flowy dresses? (Except when a gust of wind comes and you end up flashing everyone. Not cute.) What is cute are maxi romper dresses aka shorts with a skirt overlay! #problemsolver Whatever the occasion, even for prom, here are 3 different romper dress styles to wear this summer season:

The Maxi Romper Dress

Although you might not be going to a fancy ball, you might have a reason to dress up, and stay out past midnight. Typically, floor-length dresses give the “formal” vibe but with hidden shorts underneath? Yes girl. Genius right?  The added drama that comes with these dressy rompers is that everytime you walk by, your maxi skirt elegantly flows and follows you. Talk about a dramatic entrance and exit.

The Midi Romper Dress

So you just got a pair of super cute shoes and want to show them off? A midi or medium-length romper dress can perfectly compliment them. Dresses with shorts instantly adds that feminine factor. LBD (little black dress) has officially been replaced with the LBR (you guessed it, little black romper) and it’s the chicest outfit for any occasion.

The Mini Romper Dress

Give them legs for days in a short dress romper. Show off your summer tan and cute wedges by pairing them with a short romper dress. We personally love these styles that create a wrap skirt illusion. Whatever your occasion or personality, be sure to try out one of these styles this summer! 

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