Why Wearing a One-Piece to Prom Might Actually Be a Brilliant Idea


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Prom season is approaching like a sequined bullet train, speeding towards high schoolers across the nation. Selecting an outfit for this memorable night full of dancing, bad music, dates, and corsages can seem like an impossible feat fit only for the fashion designers and models of the world, especially if you’re trying to stick to a budget and find an outfit that will stand out in the crowd. 

If you’re struggling to find a dress that suits your personality, it might be time to look for something other than a dress, like a one-piece outfit. Sure, the concept of wearing something with pants to prom sounds like a huge fashion no-no, but it’s actually not. Here are four reasons why wearing a romper or some other kind of one-piece is so much better than following the overdone floor-length gown trend. 


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You’ll Undoubtedly Make an Impression 

In a sea of girls dressed in sparkling dresses that get stuck underneath their heels on the dance floor, you’ll stand out like the gem you are in a one-of-a-kind ensemble. Prom is the time to shine, not look like everyone else, so it pays to wear something a little unique. Plus, who says rompers and jumpsuits have to be boring? They can be just as glitzy as the most expensive prom dress, but they’ll look totally different from all of the other outfits swirling around the venue. 

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One-Pieces Are Much Easier to Dance In 

Do you know how hard it is to get your groove on when you’re stuck in a confining dress that twists awkwardly around your knees and falls down every time you jump? The answer is very. So, why not switch things up and go with an outfit that is practically made for school dances? Romper dresses can be extremely flattering and fancy, but they’re also comfortable. Leap, spin, and jig your way across the dance floor without worrying about flashing someone or stepping on a ridiculously long gown. 


You Can Repurpose the Outfit for Another Event 

Every girl groans at the thought of shelling out hundreds of bucks for a dress that she’ll only wear once. The great thing about one-pieces is that they are usually more versatile than a traditional prom outfit, so you might be able to wear it again later on. Save it for sorority events in college or fancy date nights in years to come. You’ll feel great about buying an item that can serve multiple purposes instead of wasting your cash on a pretty but pointless dress. 

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Rompers and Jumpsuit for Prom Are More Affordable 

Prom dresses are made for one thing: prom. Therefore, stores can charge whatever prices they see fit, especially as high school students around the country start to plan their big day. By avoiding the typical prom shopping trip and opting for something a little more unique, you’ll probably be able to score a better deal on your outfit. You can easily stumble across bedazzled rompers for $50 or less, and jumpsuits are equally as well-priced. 

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