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If you want to dress to impress, then you must do a little research before picking the right romper. Rompers and jumpsuits are so versatile and elegant. They are practical items that you can wear for various occasions and events.

In addition to choosing the right fabric, you should make sure that the romper is designed to fit your body type. We’re all special and beautiful in our unique ways. Some of us have heavy busts, while others struggle to find outfits that complement their heavier bottoms. Choosing the right model will have an impressive effect on your overall look and self-confidence.


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Whether you're skinny, athletic or curvy, dressing to compliment your body type will always make your clothes flattering from every angle so you can always be camera-ready. The key is to be aware of your body shape so you can shop for the perfect rompers and jumpsuits to compliment your silhouette. 

When you know your body type, you can easily choose a model that flatters your body and make you turn heads wherever you go. Fashion is more about what makes you comfortable in your own skin so you can create a perfect outfit that suits you right. All bodies are beautiful and are perfect just the way they are. Still, you can choose something that makes you look outstanding by paying a little attention to the shape of your body.

There are 4 basic body shapes — Here are some tips on what to wear and what styles to avoid:

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Square or Rectangle  Body Shape

This body shape is when you basically have the same measurements throughout. 

You might lack the curves, but you’ve got toned arms and legs that you must show off. When you’re shopping for a romper or jumpsuit for rectangle body shape, you must look for details that add some weight to your bust.

Ruffles and fancy collars are desirable because they will make your bust look bigger and more feminine. You can also look for a romper that has two different fabrics in the top and bottom sections. Choose a lighter shade or a print for the upper body to make your bust area look bigger. V-necklines show off your cleavage. They are the perfect choices for a stylish and naughty outfit that you can wear on the beach or with your friends.

A square or rectangle body shape doesn’t have a defined waistline. You can create the illusion of a waistline by shopping for a romper that clinches at the waist. You can tighten the waist area using straps or add a thin belt. Avoid wider belts that will make the center part of your body look too straight.

If your romper is too tight or too lose, it will not flatter your body shape. Straight lines will make your body look boxy and will not give you the feminine curves you want. You should also stay away from wearing rompers that have many details on the sleeves or shoulders as they will make your upper body look broader.

DO go for rompers that are off-the-shoulder or jumpsuits with thin straps to elongate your features. When a romper or jumpsuit has a tying sash around the waist, that's a major bonus! Cinching in the waist with a belt will give you the illusion of an hourglass shape.

DON'T go for the super loose fitting relaxed styles that give you no shape. 


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Pear or Triangle Body Shape

This body shape is for those who are blessed with a booty aka your waist and hips are wider than your bust.

Having a heavier bottom is alluring and feminine and can be celebrated by the right outfits. Women who have a pear-shaped or triangle body usually have narrow shoulders and their bust area might not be that prominent. Their hips are wider and they usually have bigger booties. You should pick a romper that will emphasize your assets and draw attention to your attractive body.

You can widen the shoulder area by going for off-shoulder sleeves or cold shoulders that show more skin. Look for a romper for pear-shaped body that has some ruffles on the bust area if you want to show it off. Heart-shaped necklines also draw attention to the upper part of your torso, while crossover rompers will make your torso look even smaller than it really is. You can also wear a strapless romper which distracts the attention from your heavier bottom.

Women who have a pear-shaped body can achieve balance by mixing fabrics and patterns as well. You can wear lighter hues in the top section and pick rompers with darker hues in the bottom part. You should avoid belts because they emphasize the difference and imbalance between your top and bottom parts.

DO go for jumpsuits with a rounded neckline to broaden your shoulders and balance your proportions. Focus all the attention on top with accessories.

DON'T go for rompers with belts. Avoid styles that focus attention to your waist.


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Hourglass Body Shape

This body shape is the most desirable shape for most since your top and bottom and perfectly proportioned while your waist is defined. 

Since you’ve got a balanced body shape, you can pull off several styles. Rompers are so versatile and practical because you can wear them for several occasions. They will complement your curves because they’re made of lightweight materials that create movement.

If there is one thing that you should do then it’s to highlight and define your waist. Rompers that are clinched at the waist are perfect for the hourglass body shape. The bottom and top sections rompers for hourglass shape can be made of the same print or two different fabrics for an elegant look. You can also pair any romper with a belt. Thin and wide belts work perfectly for your body shape because they will emphasize your waistline.


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The good news for hourglass body shape is that you can look great with any neckline. Your body is perfectly balanced so you can choose V-neckline or go off-shoulder with your romper for curvy figure. Your choice should depend on the occasion and personal preference because anything you choose will look absolutely great.

DO wear form-fitting rompers that show off your curves. You can totally pull off trendy prints with and rompers with cute cutouts, too! 

DON'T wear styles that are boxy or too straight otherwise you'll be hiding your figure behind a curtain. 


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Oval Body Shape

This body shape is when your mid-section is the same or bigger than your bust and hips. 

Because you have a wide waist, you want to choose a romper that will create balance. You usually have a heavier top part with a wider chest area so you should avoid any details or accessories that will draw more attention to your bust. Ruffles and details on the sleeves are not desirable because they will make your bottom part look even more slender than it already is.

Play with patterns and prints like vertical stripes that will make your body look more balanced. Make sure that the top part of your romper is tight-fitting with a V-neckline that shows your cleavage. It will also make your torso look longer and less bulky.

Clinched waists and belts aren’t desirable because they will show that your waistline is wide. Any details on the shoulders won’t suit you either. Pleats and details under the bust area will make also add more weight to your middle section. You should choose a simple model and pair it with heels to create an elongated look.

DO choose rompers with stripes (vertical), playsuits with flared skirts, or jumpsuits with a v-neckline that will flatter this shape the best. Show off your legs as much as possible!

DON'T choose chunky styles that have ruffles or high necklines that will cut your off. And stay away from rounded toes, rather, elongate your body with pointed toe styles. 

Now that you know how to pick the right romper, be ready to turn heads by wearing your favorite outfit anyway you like.

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