5 Things You Should Never Wear on a First Date


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If you start to sweat at the mere thought of picking out an outfit for a first date, you’re not alone. Most women spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to select the “perfect” outfit for a first date with that special someone, but in reality, there’s no such thing. 

After agreeing to grab dinner or see a movie with the person you’ve been crushing on, don’t stress yourself out too much about crafting the best look for the evening. By avoiding these key fashion mistakes, you’ll be able to settle on an outfit that’s totally safe and appropriate for a strong first impression.


Brand New Shoes 

The last thing you want to deal with during a nerve-wracking first date is a gruesome blister. Even though your new pair of sleek black heels would match your outfit perfectly, maybe save them for a date later on down the road. You’ve got enough to worry about this time without limping through the evening. Even if you plan to sit for most of the date, it’s safer to go with a reliable pair of kicks that won’t leave your heels raw or your toes cramped. 


Clothes That Won’t Stay Put 

Let’s be honest: first dates are often terrifying, so it’s smart to eliminate all of the possible fashion mishaps that could take place. This will alleviate some of your anxiety and help the night go as smoothly as possible. Items like strapless tops, revealing dresses, and skirts that are a little too short are all bad ideas because they invite embarrassing slips. Save yourself the trouble of worrying about outfits gone awry by wearing a fitted romper, comfy jeans, or a top that won’t slide around. 

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Your Comfy Lounge Wear 

No matter how casual the date may seem, don’t underestimate how nice your date will look. If you must err on one side, go for too fancy rather than too grungy. Your date certainly won’t be impressed by that old velour jacket and your all-time favorite stretchy yoga pants. Leave the comfy ensembles at home until you’ve established a more comfortable relationship with this person. After all, you want to dress to impress, right? 


A Daring Trend 

Yes, you want to grab your date’s attention, but don’t go overboard when it comes to making a risky fashion statement. Your very first date with a person is probably not the time to debut your electric blue lipstick or knee-high red boots. Try to go with more classic fashion styles that are easy to put together and always attractive. You’ll thank yourself when you look back on your outfit choice later. You only get one first-date outfit with any given person, so make it count, but don’t reach too far. 


Distracting Patterns or Colors 

When you’re gazing at each other over a lovely candlelit meal, you don’t want his or her gaze to be pulled away by your eye-catching top. Emphasize your own beauty and personality by wearing clothes that are complementary, not overpowering. Bold stripes, crazy patterns, and super bright colors are all unadvisable, at least on this first date. 


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