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It seems like everyone is an "influencer" these days, but do you have what it really takes to be a successful one? If your dream job is to be a full-time blogger and influencer, here are 6 tips to help you get noticed by brands, in any industry.

Do your research.

OK, this is an important one which is why we start here. Know what your brand represents and research brands that fall under similar categories. All your brand collabs need to make sense otherwise you will confuse and even lose your audience. Don’t spam everyone that you follow. Find brands that cater to similar demographics or interests, understand what they’re passionate about and familiarize yourself with their products/services and work this knowledge into your pitch.  Educating yourself will take you so far!

Don't be afraid to reach out.

You'll be surprised how many brands will respond. Again, please don’t spam everyone. Be selective but not intimidated. A great way to stand out for smaller brands is to be very active on their social media platforms so when you reach out, you will be more recognizable than the person that blindly hits the “send” button. For larger brands, think out-of-the-box and find ways to contact them other than submitting a generic contact form or emailing the contact/info email address. Using LinkedIn can be a great tool to find a direct contact. Use your resources and take a leap of faith.

Give them the meat and potatoes.

In other words, be specific but straight to the point. Brands get countless emails so be specific on what you can offer each other so it's beneficial for both sides. This is where your research comes into play. By observing what a brand lacks, you can offer them content that you’re strong in. Don’t limit yourself to just posting photos for Instagram (like everyone else), again, think outside-the-box. You can offer to write a guest post to contribute to their blog, create video content, a take-over, the opportunities are endless. Whatever it be, don’t beat around the bush.

Know how to sell yourself.

Highlight your strongest social platform and know your basic analytics to let it “speak for itself”, so to speak. Disclosing your key metrics relieves the brand from taking their time to look you up which brings you one step closer to impressing them. It’s important to not spread yourself too thin, quality over quantity is desirable in this situation. Most importantly, aside from your social feed, show off your personality in your message, too! This industry is supposed to be fun and unconventional. Find a balance between being yourself and professional.  Exceeding expectations and showing tremendous effort, even putting an email together, might be the thing that lands you a deal, regardless if you fit a brand’s “criteria.”

Read the fine print.

Once you’ve landed some brand deals, most of the time you’ll have to sign some sort of contract to ensure the deliverables are met on both sides. Don’t assume what was discussed via DM or email covers every scenario. Read and understand the contract before you agree to it. Be as transparent as possible and honest, as with all things in life.

Know your worth.

(*Drake voice) Above all, be confident! You don’t have to have a million followers for brands to want to work with you, in fact, quite the contrary. Being a micro-influencer is more desirable these days, so be proud of how hard you’ve worked to get to this point. In the beginning, you’ll probably do a lot of work in exchange for product and sometimes even for free, but know when you’ve established value and ready to take yourself to the next level by setting your rate. Now, don’t be greedy or irrational, but don’t devalue your work either. If you can confidently provide added value to a brand, you should be compensated. After all, this is business. 

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