How to Dress Up a Romper


Every girl should own a simple, versatile romper that can work in any situation. One-pieces are an excellent addition to any wardrobe because they can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. 

If you own a few casual rompers that are perfect for a low-key Saturday morning but aren’t quite ready to make their debut in a more formal environment, never fear: here are a few easy tricks that will take your simple one-piece to the next level without costing you a dime. 


Romper Style Dress Tips

Embrace the Power of Footwear 

The shoes you pair with an outfit can make a huge difference in the ensemble’s overall feel. For instance, if you typically slide into strappy sandals with your favorite romper, the look will stay fairly casual. On the other hand, if you pop on a pair of elegant wedges or heels, the romper instantly becomes a more formal outfit choice. 

Add a Few Pieces of Sparkling Jewelry 

Nothing takes a simple outfit to the next level like a few carefully-placed pieces of bling. Put on some dangly earrings or add a statement necklace to an otherwise boring one-piece. You can also wear some bangles for a little arm flair if your romper is sleeveless. Do be careful not to overdo it, though; too much bling can distract from the elegance of your outfit. 


Dawn a Sweater or Blazer 

Most rompers are sleeveless, which can make them look quite casual. You can combat this effect by throwing on a formal second layer. Blazers, cardigans, shawls, sweaters, and jackets can all completely transform a simple romper into something a little dressier. Plus, you’ll probably stay much warmer if you’re heading on a date or to the office. 


Utilize Strategic Accessories 

Jewelry and shoes aren’t the only add-ons that can transform a romper; belts, hair pieces, and other accessories can be just as effective. Think about the event you’re attending and what kind of accessories would suit its atmosphere, then mix and match until your outfit becomes the perfect level of dressy. Note: flower crowns are totally acceptable at concerts, so if you’ve always wanted to buy or make one, go for it. 


Wear Dark Tights Underneath 

This is an especially nifty trick during the winter times. Pulling on smooth black tights is an excellent way to keep your legs warm if it’s nippy outside, and chances are, it’ll take your romper to a whole new level of sophistication. You can also make the outfit a little more flirty by wearing interesting tights with a delicate pattern or even some subtle glitter. 


Rock a Statement Hat 

One look at Instagram will tell you that all of the best fashion bloggers are loving their headwear at the moment. Wide-brimmed hats are an especially great way to channel your inner boho vibes without taking away from the simplicity of your romper. 


Go for Those Daring Knee-High Boots 

Because rompers are traditionally short, they often leave your legs bare and a little too exposed. To dress the look up, slip on a pair of boots that come to your knees or even your thighs. This will make the romper wearable in any type of weather, and it’ll certainly give you that rocker-chic look you’ve always wanted. 

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