How to Give your Body Shape Without Working Out

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Posted on June 01 2018

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We all want that perfect hourglass shape but can’t seem to lose those last stubborn pounds, especially around the waist. In our fantasy life, we would have the help of Kim Kardashian’s personal trainer, but in our own reality show, we’re on our own.  However, there is one secret weapon, or fashion accessory rather, that will do just the trick, without a trip to the gym. Here are 3 ways to cinch in your waist for the most flattering sillouhoutte:

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Look for an Empire Waist Style

Look for styles that have an empire waist aka high-waisted. This will accentuate your most slimmest part rather than your widest, your hips. Typically referred to on dresses, this style has a fitted bodice on top a loose fitting skirt or bottom. The way this type of garment is constructed will give the illusion of a slimmer, elongated body.

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Tie the Knot 

Similar to the empire waist style, the tie-knot usually sits higher on the bodice creating a tie detail. Sometimes the tie are an added detail to an outfit like this style and other times you can find them on outfits that are more functional. For the outfits with a tie-knot, you have the control to tie the tie as tight or as loose as you need to perfectly fit your bust. With a fitted top and bust, you show off more curves the the right places. 

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Add a Belt

The holy grail for any waist cincher. An instant solution to give any sillouhette shape no matter your body type by adding a simple belt worn either on the waist or hip. There are so many trendy and stylish options to choose from that will compliment any outfit so have fun with it. Even if you don’t own too many belts, look for outfits that come with a belt, it’s guaranteed to perfectly match. A bonus is when the belt is detachable so you can use the belt on a other outfit too. Let the possibilities be endless! 

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