How to Style Your Black Rompers and Jumpsuits


Maxi Skirt with Tailored Shorts & Black Lace Romper | Trendy Rompers

Let’s be real: the “little black dress” is a thing of the past in many ways. Most women are looking for something a little more casual and interesting when preparing for a special evening. With so many big, revolutionary fashion trends hitting stores this summer, it’s time to take your go-to date night outfit to the next level.

Not only are black one-pieces slimming and stylish in ways that dresses aren’t, but they’re also a modern twist on a timeless look. It’s as though black rompers and jumpsuits were built for the 2018 woman who’s on the go and doesn’t want to be hindered by the limitations of a short dress. 

If you have been wanting to rock a dark romper or jumpsuit but you don’t know how, here are a handful of styling tips that will make you look like a glam goddess.


Don’t Be Afraid to Accessorize 

You are already keeping things fairly simple by wearing a black one-piece, so don’t shy away from glitzy jewelry and hair pieces that step things up a notch. Dangly earrings, bangle bracelets, long necklaces, and even anklets can be an excellent way to keep your outfit from erring on the boring side of fashion. Don’t overdo it, but add enough sparkle to dress up your jumpsuit or romper and make it look even classier. This is an especially great tactic for girls preparing for a date night or special event that calls for a little extra pizazz. 


Let Your Shoes Add a Pop of Color 

Who says your entire outfit has to be one color? Don’t pair your elegant black jumpsuit or romper with bland shoes. Step into some feisty red heels or sandals with rainbow beads. If you want to keep things more casual, you can even slip on a pair of Converse in a fun color. Not only will you spice up your ensemble, but you’ll make sure you don’t end up looking pale or morose in an entirely black outfit. 

 Maxi Skirt with Tailored Shorts & Black Lace Romper | Trendy Rompers


Throw on a Stylish Jacket 

Even though it’s summertime, restaurants, malls, and movie theaters are often too chilly for bare arms, so dressing in layers is a smart idea. Donning a jean jacket can make your outfit look casual but chic, and a leather jacket can help any black romper or jumpsuit look ready for the runway. Even a light sweater can transform your look from mediocre to something you’d see on a mannequin in the mall, so don’t be afraid to add a layer. 


Define Your Waist With a Trendy Belt 

Nothing accentuates an outfit more than a well-placed belt. Go for a slim, patent leather belt to dress up a formal romper or jumpsuit. If you’re going for a more interesting look, consider using a scarf or woven belt to draw attention to your waist. You’ll stay comfortable in your easy outfit but make it look a little more professional or tailored, depending on the style of belt you select. 

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