5 Open-Back Styles to Try This Summer


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With the weather getting warmer as each day passes, it’s finally appropriate to start introducing new styles to your summer wardrobe which means more open-back styles! If you’ve never tried this style, don’t be afraid, there are variations for every body type and comfort level. Here are 5 open-back styles to rock this season:

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The Criss-Cross Open Back

This open-back style has two variations that are flattering. The first is a lace-up style which give your outfit a sexy corset vibe. Most styles will allow you to tie the two ends together which actually allows you to tighten/loosen the bodice as much as you need to give you the perfect fit. The other criss-cross open-back style can be seen with much wider pieces that may just criss-cross once, but with wider pieces, provide more coverage but a similar effect with a hint of sexy.

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The Classic Open Back

No strings, just a classic open back. Find the perfect balance with an open-back piece with a full-coverage front. Think business in the front, party in the back. Pair this look with statement earrings to compliment the open-back. Warning: You will turn heads. #doubletake

The Key-Hole Open Back

This style of an open-back is perfect to try if you’re more on the conservative side. With a subtle slit, it instantly makes your outfit a little flirtatious without giving away too much. If you’ve never worn an open-back style, try this trend out and you may graduate to a full classic open-back style if you dare.


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The Low-V Open-Back

A reverse v-neck, but deep. With a low-v open back, it makes your look so chic and classy (since you can still pull it off minus the cleavage). Play around with long necklaces and try wearing them backwards to accentuate the open-back.

This open-back romper can actually be worn in two ways, as a key-hole or a low-v. Why have one when you can have both!

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The Open-Back with Top Button

The most sophisticated open-back style out of the group because with the top button, it creates an elegant shape that perfectly frames your back. Mostly these open-back styles with a top button come in lace fabric which makes the look even more romantic and shows off every detail.

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