Summer Bucket List: 20 Things to Do This Summer


If there’s one time of year to try new things, experience new places and step outside your comfort zone, it’s summer! Let the sunny weather inspire you, focus on self-love and create opportunities to give back. Join us on this challenge by checking these 20 things off our Trendy Summer Bucket List over the next couple months! Be sure to tag @trendyrompers and use the hashtag #trendysummerbucketlist in your stories & posts so we can share them!

✅ 1. Host a game night with your friends

Invite your family, neighbors, friends and friends of friends over for a potluck, assign teams and play a tournament of your favorite games! Some of our personal favorites are Monopoly Deal and Head Up + lots of wine :)


✅ 2. Start a new project

The time is NOW! Start that blog you’ve always wanted to have, start creating recipes for your cookbook, start your own business, start learning a new language...whatever is it, just do it! 

✅ 3. Read 3 books

Summer is about three months long, so make it a goal to read one book a month! Try different genres, too. You may discover a new style that you never expected to enjoy.

✅ 4. Do random acts of kindness

Challenge yourself to do them as often as possible. Pay it forward by treating the person behind you at Starbucks, send an encouraging text to someone, send a "Thank You" card, or even something as simple as giving a stranger a compliment and smile. Kindness is contagious.

✅ 5. Go to karaoke

Or play Garage Band. It’s so fun when you see your friends unite and embody the Spice Girls or your favorite boybands. This can also be a fun stress-reliever.

✅ 6. Put together a capsule wardrobe

Whether you're a frequent shopper or use "retail therapy" as an excuse to shop any chance you get, try putting together a capsule wardrobe this summer. Collect 8-12 staple pieces that you can mix and match for cute summer outfits that will last you all season.

✅ 7. Spend an entire day at the beach

After all, it's summer! Living in Southern California, the beaches are always at our disposal but when our schedule is constantly hectic, we default to staying at home to relax. This summer, make time to leave the comfort of your home and get lots of Vitamin D by a beach, pool or lake!

✅ 8. Start a journal or scrapbook

Memory keeping can be very therapeutic and a way to document progression. Do it digitally by using an app or the old-fashioned way by using pen and paper (I know, mind-blowing haha). It’ll be nice to reminisce on different stages of your life other than by memories on Facebook.

✅ 9. Visit a museum or historical sight

Escape to another era or immerse yourself amongst the work of talented artists. Inspiration lies all around us but sometimes we need to look for it. 

✅ 10. Plant a mini garden

Don't overwhelm yourself with a full on garden to upkeep so start small with one or two vegetables, fruits or flowers. If you live in an apartment, consider buying a house plant like one of these. Other than the many benefits to having fresh plants in and around your house, they can be so easy to manage. And if you take the challenge to plant edible things, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor come next season!

✅ 11. Be a tourist in your city

Or take it one step further and go on a mini staycation. Appreciate where you live by discovering new restaurants, riding a double-decker sightseeing bus, attend a local concert or go wine tasting at a local winery. Have fun! 

✅ 12. Makeover an area in your house

Is there one area in your house that you’ve always wanted to revive or design? Perhaps creating a reading nook (hint hint: where you can read your 3 books) or even as small as rearranging your nightstand space can make the biggest difference. 

✅ 13. Try meditation & yoga

These practices may not be for everyone, but if you haven't yet, we suggest giving both a try to help cope with anxiety, increase awareness skills and practice peace. There are lots of free apps and YouTube videos for guided meditations and beginner's yoga sessions — go with a friend or give it a try at home.

✅ 14. Go thrifting

Pair your new jumpsuit with a vintage jacket for a trendy look that shows off your personal style. Before you go, sift through your closet and collect a bag of clothes you want to retire and donate them. Someone's trash can be someone else's treasure. 

✅ 15. Volunteer

No matter where you live, there will always be opportunities to volunteer. Feed the homeless, help your local animal shelter, read to kids at the library or clean up the beach are just a few ideas. We may all not be rich but we all have time.

✅ 16. Don't use plastic straws

Reduce and reuse. This whole movement is now trending and we are 100% supportive! There's lots of alternative options to replace plastic straws. Invest in a bamboo, glass, or stainless steel straw. Basically, cut down on plastic in general Take the time to dine in instead of getting food to-go and bring your own sustainable straw.

✅ 17. Go to the farmer's market

Support local farmers and buy organic. Then make a delicious brunch.

✅ 18. Work outside

Take advantage of being outside this season. Make sure your laptop is fully charged and work outside at a cafe, in your back yard or the beach! 

Color your hair, wear dainty socks with your heels, wear pink and orange together

✅ 19. Try a new fashion trend

Color your hair, wear red and orange together or convince your boyfriend/husband to wear a male romper, men's romper, rompers for guys (whatever you want to call it). 

✅ 20. Go hiking

Find a hiking trail near you and go for it! The benefits of hiking: You can go at your own pace, fresh air, sun, “me time” all while getting exercise! Bonus if you end up at a waterfall!

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