• 10 Styling Tips for Petite Body Shape Jumpsuit

    Jumpsuits have been on trend for the last couple of years and they don’t show signs of fading out anytime soon. From the red carpet to the local department store, jumpsuits are everywhere. There’s no reason petite’s have to be left out of this fun and comfortable style! Petite jumpsuits for women can be just as flattering and versatile as jumpsuits for other sizes...
  • 8 Celebrity Jumpsuit Looks

    8 Celebrity Jumpsuit Looks

    We're taking a look of eight fashion-forward celebrities who pulled off the jumpsuit look effortlessly. Here are some tips and inspiration ideas for the next time you decide to dress up a romper or jumpsuit!
  • How to Style a Romper for School

    How to Style a Romper for School

    Regardless of the number of pieces you own, you’ll always feel like you don’t own enough clothes if you don’t know how to style them. A single piece can be worn on multiple occasions if you complement it with other matching pieces and the right accessories. When it’s time for school, you definitely don’t want to buy more expensive clothes when there are so...
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