10 Styling Tips for Petite Body Shape Jumpsuit


Jumpsuits have been on trend for the last couple of years and they don’t show signs of fading out anytime soon. From the red carpet to the local department store, jumpsuits are everywhere. There’s no reason petite’s have to be left out of this fun and comfortable style!

Petite jumpsuits for women can be just as flattering and versatile as jumpsuits for other sizes if you follow a handful of simple tips. Whether you're looking for something in a petite formal jumpsuit or something for lounging around the house, you can take this look and make it work for you.

Tip #1: Shop Your Petite Size

Technically speaking, petite women stand about 5'3" or shorter but have a range of body types. Petites can be pear-shaped, hourglass-shaped, apple-shaped, rectangle, triangle, and everything in between. There's no weight requirement to be considered petite, just height. So, there's no one size that fits all.

When it comes to jumpsuits, it’s important to shop the petite section. With separate tops and bottoms, it’s easy to shop in other departments and have the garment tailored and hemmed. But, because jumpsuits are one garment, it’s best to buy a petite jumpsuit.

Tip #2: Petite Pattern Planning

Petite jumpsuits for women aren’t all designed by petite women. So, you’ll find that not all are universally flattering, even if they fit. Solids are always a great choice for petites and easier to pair with other clothing. If you want a petite jumpsuit with a little more voice, vertical stripes make a bold statement and trick the eye into thinking you’re taller. Large patterns have the opposite effect.

The proportion of the shapes in the pattern to your size is important. Choosing a pattern with large roses on it, for example, will make you look smaller. If you like a rose pattern, choose a fabric with small flowers. These can be paired with solid colored shoes and accessories that match one of the colors in the pattern.

Tip #3: Rise Reasoning

One of the biggest issues when shopping for a petite jumpsuit is the rise. In a jumpsuit, the rise is the distance from the crotch seam to the top of the garment. If it’s too short, you won’t be able to get the jumpsuit on. If it’s too long, the crotch will hang down too low or the neckline will sit in an odd position.

You want to pick one that’s comfortable and doesn’t ride up too much when you sit down. If you have the option, always sit down in the dressing room. A jumpsuit that hangs nicely when you stand might pinch uncomfortably when you sit. Unless you plan to stay standing the whole time you’re in the jumpsuit, don’t forget to check the seated fit before you buy.

Tip #4: Petite Black and White

If you’re hunting for a petite formal jumpsuit, black and white solids are always a good choice. Jumpsuits with long legs can hide a pair of heels and present a more elegant and formal look. Shorter jumpsuits are considered more casual.

In a petite black jumpsuit, choose accessories in contrasting colors like purple and yellow or blue and orange. This will really make them stand out and your whole outfit will pop. In a petite white jumpsuit, light floral accents will help add an air of elegance. In general, black is best for evening occasions and white for daytime engagements.

Tip #5: Ravishing Reds

Red is a color that gets attention. That’s the way we’re wired. In the wild, bright reds warn of danger. In cities, red is often a warning too. So, we’re naturally predisposed to pay more attention to red than other colors. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear it, just be prepared to get a lot of eyes in your direction. A petite red jumpsuit looks best sleeveless with a plunging neckline.

You want to get attention, but not overwhelm. Don't pair this with matching red shoes, red earrings, and a red clutch. That's overdoing it. Instead, pick neutral-colored accessories.

Tip #6: Petite Sleeves

Should you pick a petite jumpsuit with long sleeves or short ones or none at all? For petites, sleeveless jumpsuits aren’t typically flattering. The sleeveless top presents a horizontal line, which the eye sees and wide and short. A v-neck or low-cut neckline, on the other hand, creates the illusion of height.

For a petite jumpsuit with sleeves, long or short doesn't matter as much as fit does. If the bottom of the jumpsuit is loose and flowing, the top should be a closer fit. If the bottom is more tailored and close to the legs, the sleeves can be freer.

Tip #7: Where’s the Waistline?

In addition to watching the rise of the jumpsuit, it’s important to find a petite jumpsuit with a flattering waistline. Choosing one will depend a lot on your body and the look you’re trying to achieve. If you want your legs to look longer or if you want to accentuate your long legs, choose a high waistline.

 If the petite jumpsuit has a gathered waistline or a built-in belt, pick one that’s higher than your natural waist. If you have a short torso and you want it to appear longer, lower the waistline. Stay aware of your rise, however, and don’t pick a low waistline if that means the crotch will sag.

Tip #8: Dressing Up Petite

Dressy jumpsuits for petites don’t have to be just for going out. You can take a more casual jumpsuit and change it up to suit the occasion. While long legs do present a more formal look, there’s a lot you can do with accessories that change the jumpsuit from loungy to lovely. Pair a sleeveless jumpsuit with a tailored jacket and immediately up your look. Adding some sparkles makes nearly any outfit more glamorous. You can add a rhinestone belt, glittery pumps, or an eye-catching pendant to get that bling.

Tip #9: Workin’ It

One of the great things about jumpsuits is their simplicity. You don't have to worry about coordinating tops and bottoms and you can still have multiple looks with one jumpsuit. You can easily take the same jumpsuit you wore on ladies' night and turn it into a Monday morning miracle (after washing it, of course). If your petite jumpsuit has straps, you can slip a fitted coordinating top on underneath it to cover your shoulders. You can also put a suit jacket on over it and add a pair of comfortable flats.

Tip #10: A Little R&R

Vacation travel time is no time to leave your jumpsuits at home! A light, loungey jumpsuit is a great travel companion. They pack easily and look charming no matter where your destination. Florals and lightweight fabrics are the ultimate combination for a casual petite jumpsuit. A light cardigan in a coordinating color can help you go from a sunny boardwalk to an air-conditioned café or adapt to rapid weather changes on the fly.

Those are a few basic tips for selecting and wearing the perfect petite jumpsuit. There’s no reason not to embrace this versatile trend and make it your own. Keeping these simple tips in mind, you can get the celebrity look for yourself.

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