How to Style a Romper for School


style a romper for school

Regardless of the number of pieces you own, you’ll always feel like you don’t own enough clothes if you don’t know how to style them. A single piece can be worn on multiple occasions if you complement it with other matching pieces and the right accessories. When it’s time for school, you definitely don’t want to buy more expensive clothes when there are so many things you’d like to buy.

A romper is usually associated with hot summer days and unlimited fun. However, as the temperature drops and it’s time for school, you don’t have to throw your elegant romper away. You can still wear it for a busy school day and look your best.

Why Would You Wear a Romper to School?

Rompers are so versatile. They’re very comfortable to wear so you can always look and feel your best. When you’re in the class, you want to be able to sit and move comfortably. You also want to look cool and elegant if you decide to go out for a snack with your friends.

Rompers come in all shapes and styles so you can always update your wardrobe by adding a statement piece. They can be dressed up or down so there’s no need to throw a good and elegant romper just because summer is over.

When school starts, it’s still a little too hot for winter outfits, so you just need to modify some of your lightweight clothes to suit the weather. Rompers are very easy to adjust because you use layers on top or under the romper if the weather gets a bit chilly.

You won’t have to buy new outfits for school if you’re on a tight budget. You just need to take a good look at your wardrobe and think of all the new combos that you can build using the pieces you already own.

The most important thing is to make sure that your jewelry and footwear all go well with the clothes you’re wearing. They should also be appropriate for school so you can look and feel comfortable. Boots, half-boots, and sneakers are all suitable for school. If you need something that adds more height, go for wedges or platforms because they’re more comfortable than heels.


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How to Style a Romper for School?

A romper is a perfect outfit for school if you do a few adjustments. Wearing the same beach outfit might not seem like a practical idea, but it’s actually doable if you know how to incorporate some of the pieces you already own. Here are a few ideas.

1. Wear a White Shirt:

A fitted white short is a great addition to a lightweight romper that you used to wear in the summer. It won’t make you feel bulky or boxy and it makes your romper look more suitable for serious school work. Solid rompers will go perfectly with a white shirt. You can also choose some lightweight colors that will complement the look of your patterned romper. Leave the sleeves on or roll them up if it gets a little hot.

2. Go for Basics:

This idea is very simple and affordable. You’ll just need to pick a basic t-shirt and wear it under the romper. If romper is printed, choose one of the colors in the prints and go for it. You can actually have a new look every day by adding a new shirt every time you wear your romper. The idea is to keep yourself a little warm and make your outfit more modest and suitable for school. Most schools and colleges won’t approve showing the same amount of skin you’d typically show on a normal summer day.

If you have a solid romper, you can choose a striped or polka dot basic t-shirt to change the way your outfit looks. There are so many affordable options that will help you change the way you look.

3. Wear a Cardigan:

Cardigans are suitable for fall weather because they’re lightweight, but would still keep you warm when needed. Wearing a cardigan on top of your romper will protect you from the chilly weather when the temperature starts to drop. However, you won’t feel too bulky or hot when the sun shines.

You probably already have a few cardigans in your closet. Check them out and see if they match with your print rompers. Some colors will never go wrong like beige, gray, black, and white. They will go with almost all solid colors and prints. A print cardigan will go perfectly with a solid romper. Make sure that you add a statement piece of accessories to make you look elegant. A flower or a cool belt on your romper will make your outfit look more elegant.

4. Don’t Skip Leggings:

Wearing leggings is probably the most popular tip for school outfits. They’re thin, comfortable to wear, lightweight and very versatile. They’ll also keep you warm when needed without making you look boxy. Leggings come in all colors and prints, so you can definitely find something that goes with your romper. Black is probably the most popular and basic color that would go with almost every outfit. Pair it with your favorite boots or half-boots and you’ll be good to go.

You shouldn’t stick to basic choices when it comes to choosing leggings. Don’t be scared to add a little pop of color to make your outfit look elegant and unique. Bright colors like royal blue and yellow look a bit unusual but they’re playful enough to make an ordinary outfit look more special. There are some print leggings that can perfectly match with your solid romper and cardigan.

The idea is to make sure that all the pieces work together to give you an appropriate yet new look. The clothes you wear express your personality so you can be modest, playful, serious or altogether. Don’t be afraid to try something new every day so you can find the style that suits you best.

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