Why Rompers Should Be Your Fall Go To


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Autumn Equinox

Fall has finally fallen. As the leaves are just about to change color, everyone is lining up to get their pumpkin spiced treats and begin their holiday festivities. Fall is a time of transition and depending on where you live, the weather subtly changes from warm to cold. This is why it is important to be ready to take on the weather, events, and holidays that come with the autumn season with a well-fitting romper… or jumpsuit! 


As the weather fluctuates from summer heat to the crisp cold, knit rompers are the perfect go-to outfit for these months. Whether it’s a short romper or a long jumpsuit, this fashion staple has you covered through and through. For those lingering warm days, wear a light knit romper with some cute booties and hit the streets in style. For the breezier days, a jumpsuit paired with a sweater is an excellent way to keep cozy. Wearing a romper with tights always does the trick in keeping your legs warm and staying up to par with fall fashion trends. Easy to layer, these fall wardrobe must-haves are also the perfect way to deal with those days that start out foggy and crisp and end up sunny and warm. As the day passes simply peel off your layers and adjust to any weather circumstances thrown your way. Since school is starting and days are becoming shorter, rompers and jumpsuits are also the perfect attire to carry you from class or work to a night out with friends. Keep it cozy with a soft scarf or dress it up with some heels, rompers are one-and-done outfits for looking cute and feeling comfortable in this wonderful time of year.


Autumn is the time where holiday festivities officially start! There are many fun things that you can do with family, friends and loved ones including apple picking, pumpkin patches, apple cider nights, and bonfires with wonderful pumpkin-spiced treats. This is the time for everything apple and pumpkin-flavored and scented. Light up those candles and bake those fresh pies. Don't forget to capture these fun fall moments and take lots of pictures. Rompers are an amazing choice for these activities because they can be styled with a cute hat and boots in order to keep you posing all day long and looking picture perfect. Going apple picking and a lot of other fall activities may require a lot of walking and movement which is why rompers are perfect to keep you comfortable all day long no matter what fall activity you do. Another great fashion choice to pair with your romper is long socks or over-the-knee boots, both to keep your legs warm while making you look chic and trendy.

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This time of year is full of fun holidays to celebrate with those that you hold the closest to your heart. First is the Jewish New Year, a time for family and love. This is a perfect occasion for a romper because often times Rosh Hashanah is celebrated over a warm dinner with family. Jumpsuits are a family-friendly go-to outfit. With many different styles to choose from, rompers or jumpsuits will never let you down when it comes to impressing loved ones. Wearing a cute blazer or statement necklace can really elevate this look and have you feeling and looking like a million dollars.

Next is Halloween. This is a time to be whoever you want. Going out at night, whether going trick-or-treating or a ghoulish bash with friends, gets cold. Rompers are the perfect way to dress as whoever you want to be while keeping warm while you’re at it. An all-black form-fitting romper with some cat ears can go a long way in making you stand out as a Halloween icon. There are tons of thousands of costumes and outfits that can be put together with the romper as its base. Make sure you show your style off this Halloween with a romper or jumpsuit, keeping you warm all in one go.

Lastly, there’s Thanksgiving. This November holiday is all about giving thanks to family and friends while eating as much turkey and mashed potatoes as humanly possible. Rompers and jumpsuits are perfect for this occasion because not only are they absolutely family-friendly, but they can be loose and comfortable for all of your eating needs. When dinner comes around, don’t even hesitate about seconds because there’s no need to worry about the bloat! Rompers are free and flowing and got you covered so you can eat all the gravy and stuffing you can handle on this lovely holiday. 

Rompers are fun and flirty. They’re great for cold and warm weather and that makes them the optimal fall outfit that you need in your closet this season. Keeping these staples around not only means an easy pick when you’re getting ready but a comfortable day, and an outfit that is sure to wow anyone that you’re spending a nice autumn afternoon with. So drink up that pumpkin spiced latte and lace up your boots because fall has just arrived and it’s here for the next few months so make sure you’re dressed for it.

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