Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas to Make Your Date Swoon


c The problem is, this is a tricky holiday to dress for; do you go all out and wow them with a fancy ensemble, or do you keep it classy but casual? Before you know it, you’ve dumped your entire closet on the floor in search of the perfect outfit. 

Make things a little easier on yourself and go with one of these fool-proof and effortless looks. They’re fashionable and eye-catching, but not so over-the-top that you’ll attract unwanted attention. 

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A Sleek Romper With Heels 

Even though February still clings to winter’s chill, it’s not too early to break out your favorite short romper. Pair it with some tights or over-the-knee boots if it’s a little too nippy outside to go bare-legged. Rompers are a great choice if you want to dress up a little but also keep things simple. In a sense, they’re a happy medium between too elegant and too low-key. To spice things up a bit, select a pair of flashy heels to wear with your trendy romper

Your Favorite Skinny Dress and Some Ankle Booties 

There’s a reason everyone calls the little black dress a staple, and there’s not a better time to wear it than on Valentine’s Day. It’s safe, flattering, and always easy to match accessories with. Kitten-heeled or patent leather boots pair perfectly with a red or black skinny dress, and you’ll be comfortable enough in your footwear to take a long, romantic stroll around the city. If it’s chilly out, instead of a little black dress, opt for a little black jumpsuit instead and pair it with a leather jacket to your ensemble for an edgier look. 

Wide-Legged Pants With a Statement Top 

Who says women have to wear skirts or dresses on V-Day? Pants can be just as classy and a flattering fit. Match your favorite pair from your closet then match them to one of your most attention-grabbing blouses. If you're one of those people who dramatically goes through your entire closet and says, "I have nothing to wear," choosing a wide-legged jumpsuit might make for the perfect outfit, achieving the same look, minus the overwhelming pressure of trying to pick a top to match the bottom. One and done! You’ll look like you stepped straight out of Vogue when your date picks you up, but you’ll also feel casual enough to hit any local bar or restaurant. 

Something With Subtle, Soft Velvet 

There’s nothing more romantic than draping yourself in velvet, and luckily, the soft material is all the rage in this year’s fashion industry. Whether you fancy a velvet romper, a top, pants, or even a dress, you simply can’t go wrong with the popular style. An added bonus? You’ll stay nice and warm without sacrificing style. Plus, your date will adore how silky smooth your outfit appears and feels. 

A Dark Colored Jumpsuit and Some Glittery Accessories 

The best thing about jumpsuits? You don’t have to match it with anything besides your shoes and jewelry! Go for a dark blue, burgundy, or sexy black jumpsuit that has a slimming effect and that will match all of your favorite shoes. Then, throw on some sparkly earrings or a shimmering bracelet and you’re good to go. After all, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to display some extra bling, so don’t be afraid to sparkle on your evening out.

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