How to Create the Perfect One-Piece Evening Outfit


It’s that time on a Saturday night. You spent too much time binge-watching Black Mirror all afternoon and now your friends are ready to head out. The problem? You’re still in your sweatpants, your hair looks like a rat’s nest, and you aren’t wearing a stitch of makeup. Now, you have limited time to pick out the perfect ensemble for a night out on the town. 

The trick? Rely on one of the following outfits that require almost zero effort.

How to Create the Perfect One-Piece Evening Outfit
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Left: Kelsey wearing the Lisa Olive MidiJumpsuit
Middle: Tiffany wearing the Maryrose Blue Floral Jumpsuit by Lush
Right: Julia wearing the Malia Black Wide-Legged Jumpsuit

Your Classic Black Dress With Heels 

This one’s a no-brainer for pretty much every girl. After all, who doesn’t own a little black dress for nights like these? Shimmy into the trusty dress and voila! You’re done getting ready in less than a minute, which leaves you with a little extra time to slick on some eyeliner and lip-gloss. Step into a pair of heels for those nights you need to pump up the “wow” factor. If you’re worried that heels will cause you too much pain by the end of a long night out, swap them out for a pair of wedges that offer more stability.

That Sexy Jumpsuit and Your Trendy Leather Jacket

Although the thought of getting dolled-up for a big Saturday night is fun, more often than not it ends up being a frustrating hassle. Keep things simple by slipping into a jumpsuit instead of hunting down the matching pants and tops. The jumpsuit will instantly make you look fashionable, but you’ll secretly feel like you barely put any effort into the look. If the jumpsuit looks a little too simple on its own, or if it’s a tad bit chilly outside, throw on a leather jacket. It’ll give your ensemble an edgier feel without making it any more complicated.  

Sexy Knit Romper: Long Bell Sleeves & Off-The-Shoulder | Trendy Rompers

Roxy Mustard Knit Long Sleeve Off-The-Shoulder Romper

An Affordable Romper Plus Some Knee-High Boots 

Many fashion icons and bloggers have been rocking knee-high boots this winter, and we all know why: they immediately take any outfit to the next level. An added bonus? They’re incredibly comfortable, as long as their heels aren’t too high. Pair the boots with a simple romper for a look that’s equal parts stylish and practical. You’ll stay warm and covered, but you’ll also show just enough skin to make the night one to remember. Plus, it takes about two seconds to complete the outfit with a few fun accessories, so you can be ready to go faster than your friends can call an Uber.

A Flowy Jumpsuit That’s Both Comfy and Stylish 

Admit it: you usually groan in annoyance as you squirm into your skinny jeans or suck in your stomach to fit in that super tight dress. Skip all of the discomfort by donning a flowy but fashionable jumpsuit. No one will be able to tell you devoured an entire Domino's pizza by yourself prior to heading out, and you’ll be super thankful for the breathable, loose-fitting material when you’re on the dance floor later. After all, who says a fun evening out means feeling uncomfortable for hours on end? 


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