Women Are Reclaiming the Romper as Their Own Feminine Fashion Trend


For the modern ladies, this era has been a period of reclaiming. Fierce females took back everything from their pride and dignity in the “Me Too movement to their top ranks in Olympic competitions and their seats in Congress. These are the years of girl power, and as we can all see, there’s no stopping ladies from taking back their rights and opinions.

It’s strange to think that less than a century ago, young women weren’t permitted to don pants in public. Only working women wore trousers, and it wasn’t until the 1960s that women of power began to combat tradition and wear pants to special events.

Before pantsuits became popular amongst women, there was a blend of dress and suit styles that populated the market: romper suits. Funny how this interesting fashion trend came about just as things were beginning to really change for women. Maybe that’s why we’ve seen such an increase in jumpsuits and one-pieces in today’s world of fashion and women’s rights.

The History of the Romper and Women

In the early 1900s, rompers for babies began to grow in popularity. Many mothers dressed their children in playsuits so that they weren’t restricted while running around and having fun. Then, in the 1950s, women began to adopt rompers and jumpsuits for themselves. In the 1970s and 1980s, the style became a true fashion trend for women, marking a visible change in the way fashion icons embraced femininity and modernity.

Women then had a clothing option that embodied their role as women without hindering them from enjoying the freedom of pants. Trendy rompers for women could be dressed up or down depending on the situation, and by the 70s, women were wearing crazy patterned rompers with interesting silhouettes.

Casual Rompers in the Early 2000s

By the time the 2000s began, women around the world recognized the versatility of cute, cheap rompers, both as fashion items and as practical wardrobe additions. Although many fashion trends have come and gone, rompers on sale today continue to pay homage to vintage one-pieces and the evolution of women’s attire.

Now, women can purchase anything from dress rompers to pajama rompers. Elegant black jumpsuits, not just gowns, are worn by women to fancy events, and some brides have even chosen white rompers or one-pieces to wear to their own wedding events.

The Invention of the “Male Romper”

Suddenly, a new trend began to circulate in 2017: rompers for men. Although jumpsuits had been worn by men in the army and sports for centuries, never had men embraced the bright patterns and playful feel of women’s rompers. That is, they hadn’t until a Kickstarter Campaign raised money to fund the start of a male “fashion revolution.”

The idea was greeted with mixed opinions, but most openly scoffed at the concept. It quickly became clear that most conversations surrounding male rompers and jumpsuits were filled with hilarity. Men posed in overly flirty positions while wearing their one-pieces, seemingly mocking women for their fashion trends. One writer even described the advertising materials as “Lonely Island-esque,” meaning that the men wearing these male rompers were over-the-top and silly. Essentially, the entire thing was a joke.

As Perrie Samotin said in her article on Glamour, she believes the concept of rompers for guys was seen as hilarious “Because it's the concept of a man—especially a cis one—wearing something so obviously feminine. Because most males have never stepped foot into a one-piece anything, and imploring them to do so has to come with a shrouded disclaimer that you need to either be a stereotypical [jerk] or at least have a killer sense of humor to wear the same cut of clothing your girlfriend would throw on for brunch.”

Women openly scorned the sexist, overly-masculine reaction to “RompHim.” Before long, the trend (or should we say joke?) had died out almost completely. By 2019, very few men would openly walk around in a romper.

Femininity in Fashion Today

Recent sources indicate that we’re looking at a future of frills and flouncy dresses, and that’s certainly not an indication of regression in the world of women’s fashion. If anything, women are embracing their feminine styles more than ever due to the response from men toward their trends. Ribbons are girly? Bring them on. Flowers aren’t for men? We’ll take them. Make rompers for women only? Got it.

Rompers and jumpsuits are now available for women all kinds. Plus size rompers, rompers for tweens, and even rompers for young babies will continue to be a symbol of freedom and fun for modern females. Men may laugh at them, but women appreciate pant rompers and dressy jumpsuits in ways they’ll never know.

Where Will Rompers Go in the Future?

Today, women can purchase rompers from popular stores like Forever 21 and Abercrombie. One-piece garments have become an innate part of modern fashion, mainly because of their comfort and versatility, but also because of their practical spin on femininity. A romper dress doubles as something both lady-like and revolutionary, and modern women are embracing the double-edged meaning wholeheartedly.

As you peruse fashion magazines and mall windows, you’ll notice rompers paired with tights, boho style jumpsuits, and other takes on this lovable fashion trend. As long as rompers are cheap and easy to find, women will continue to take on new challenges while wearing their practical dress-like outfits.

What will the next fashion trend be in women’s movement toward equality? Only time will tell, but for now, they’ve got their rompers to keep them feminine and fierce. 

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