Tips on How to Look the Part


It’s a new year which means it’s the season of new beginnings and change. Whether you work in a cubicle but aspire to be your own boss one day, or tired of the bachelorette life and want to settle down and get married, it’s now time to allow the law of attraction to do its thing and  attract what you want this year. Make your local barista will ask you “So, what do you do?” Here are a few tips on how to dress the part to get what you want (aka fake it till you make it). 

Invest in Classic Pieces

Suit up, the most important tip here is to dress the part, literally. If you want to quit the 9-5 life and start your own business, start dressing like you already own a business. No matter what industry you are, whether it be fitness or food, the universal outfit that represents the ultimate boss babe is a blazer (and maybe even some black eye glasses). There are so many affordable yet quality-made options that there’s really no excuse everyone should own one. Having a classic blazer is especially great to have in your existing wardrobe because you can pair it pieces that you already own to instantly dress it up and give it that boss vibe. Even throwing on a blazer over a casual romper will make people take you seriously even if you’re just out running errands. Even better, wear a blazer romper for a one-and-done outfit!

Be Prepared

Carry a medium size purse that can fit it all. You never know when you’ll need to exchange business cards, showcase your portfolio, or have your book to kill some time (more about this in the next tip). “Looking the part” goes beyond just dressing for the part, it encompasses your entire attitude. You never know who you will meet at any given time. 

Read More

These next tips are less about actually dressing the part per say, more in the sense of you behavior. No matter what subject your heart desires, reading gives you knowledge and exposes you to experiences that you may normally never encounter. Read up on other entrepreneurs, on classic literature, true crime or even aliens. More knowledge = more power. You never know what will spark inspiration in the most unexpected ways. 

Choose Quality Over Quantity

Just like your clothes should be, you should always keep quality over quantity in the back of your mind when choosing who you spend your time with. If you want to be a world traveler for a living, hang around other people who travel. If you want to be a lawyer, hang around the firm’s partners or even its interns. Anyone who does what you want to do or on the journey there would make great company. 

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