NYE Outfit Ideas That Will Make You Shine as You Ring in the New Year 2018


Christmas Day may not have arrived yet, but now is the best time to start planning your ideal New Year’s Eve ensemble. No girl wants to celebrate the end of 2017 in a drab outfit she found at the back of her closet, so start shopping for your perfect look now. You’ll be surprised by how many details you end up considering, from searching for a trusty pair of heels to finding a pair of tights that doesn’t have holes in them. Think in advance to save yourself a world of pain at the end of the month.

Not a fan of skin-tight sequined dresses? Here are a few other ideas that are more comfortable but equally as festive.

A Turtleneck Under a Sleek Layer
This year, turtlenecks aren’t just for your old grandmother who wants to feel cozy. Sure, it’s a little old-fashioned, but dressing like Rachel Green circa 1998 is the way to go this season. Big names in fashion have been rocking turtlenecks or long-sleeved shirts underneath overalls, spaghetti-strap dresses, and silky jumpsuits for a look that’s effortlessly chic but totally warm. For a little extra pizzazz, consider slipping into a sparkly turtleneck and matching it with a low-cut or brightly colored outer layer.

Glamorous, Colorful Velvet Rompers
Nothing screams “Happy New Year” more than a gorgeous velvet romper paired with a flashy pair of heels. It a stylish and attention-grabbing choice, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the ensemble is, especially if you plan to ring in 2018 from the dance floor. Velvet black jumpsuits are especially suave, and they’ll match your best pair of trusty heels, no matter what color they are.

Textured Rompers

Winter rompers are always a great choice for a formal event. Versatile yet fashionable, a romper with the right heels will never let you down. To spice things up a little, go for one that has a little extra flair via some lace sleeves or textured bodice. Red satin is always a fierce look, but if you want something a little more slimming, consider a navy blue romper. Worried about being cold in a short romper? Slide into some sparkly tights that’ll keep your legs warm without disrupting your look.  

Eye-Catching Accessories
No New Year’s Eve look is complete without a little extra bling. After all, it’s not every day that you can rock those glittery chandelier earrings you purchased on a whim. If you stick with a classy black romper or jumpsuit, you’ll be able to pick whatever style of jewelry you want. Stand out with some bulky bangles or a long, sparkling necklace. However, keep in mind that you’ll have to wear the items all evening, so don’t make yourself uncomfortable with excessively heavy earrings or pinchy bracelets.

Shoes That Won’t Leave You With Painful Blisters
As tempting as it is to go all out in a pair of six-inch heels, your feet will make you pay for the risky decision at the end of the night. Don’t forgo an outfit with heels entirely, but make sure that the pair you select provides a reasonable amount of comfort and support. You’ll be wearing the heels for several hours, so it pays to carefully choose a reliable pair.

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