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Dressing for hundreds of repetitive days at the office can be dreary, not to mention expensive. Pantsuits, fancy dresses, heels, and nice jewelry don’t come cheaply, so chances are, you end up rotating through the same ensembles over and over again to save time and money.

However, there are ways to make your other semi-casual outfits more office appropriate. One of the easiest ways to spice up your business wardrobe on a budget is to take your favorite romper to the next level. With just a few tricks, you can strut around work in your trusty one-piece without sacrificing quality or style. You’ll stay comfortable from nine to five, and you won’t have to make another pricey trip to the mall.

Go for Rompers in Sophisticated Colors

Although your sleeveless tie-dye romper might not be fit for a day at the office, there are other styles and colors that won’t raise eyebrows. Black rompers or jumpsuits are smart choices that will blend right in. After all, how can anyone go wrong with a classy dark number? Navies, dark purples, deep greens, and tasteful reds are also a good way to go. Plus, those colors will be more likely to match the work accessories you already have, so you won’t have to spend much money sprucing them up.

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Add a Nice Blazer or Jacket 

Bare shoulders aren’t traditionally acceptable at many workplaces, but you can easily make a romper work-appropriate by adding a respectable outer layer. Blazers tend to be the most effective solution since they make any romper outfit look a little fancier without sacrificing comfort. If your office is too warm for a heavy blazer or if you don’t own one, a nice cardigan or fashionable jacket can achieve the same impressive but effortless results.

Winter rompers that have sleeves are another great option if you are worried about bare arms. Not only will they keep you warmer, but they will also look a little more business casual than the average summer romper.

 Pair Your Romper With the Right Shoes 

If you really need to dress up a one-piece outfit, slip into your romper and add a pair of sleek heels. Patent leather or suede pumps are always an eye-catching but business appropriate choice. On the other hand, if you truly despise aching feet and pinchy heels, you can still dress up a romper or jumpsuit with other shoe selections. Go for some pretty ballet flats, Oxford loafers, or perhaps some comfortable wedges. You’ll be surprised by how much of a difference the right pair of shoes can make.

Make Sure the Outfit’s Length Is Appropriate 

Although full-body jumpsuits are always safe bets when it comes to coverage, short rompers can come across as a little too risqué for a work environment. If you have the perfect romper for work but it’s a little too short, you can make it more appropriate by donning a pair of black tights underneath it. The tights will give your legs the coverage they need and keep you warm in the air-conditioned office building. However, do keep in mind that some business places can be very conservative, so don’t push any boundaries when it comes to romper length, even if you are wearing tights underneath.


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