How to Wear a Romper This Fall


Rompers are excellent summer lightweight outfits. They’re designed for a hot day on the beach or at the mall, but that’s not all. Having a romper means owning a versatile and practical piece that you can wear all year long.

Buying new clothes is very expensive as fashion keeps on changing. However, you can optimize the pieces that you already own by mixing and matching several pieces. In addition to being a budget-friendly solution, it also helps you create your own fashion style. Here are some cool ideas to wear a romper this fall.

  1. Try a Moto Jacket

The cool bikers’ look can totally transform any simple and innocent-looking piece when worn properly. Wearing your moto jacket on top of a romper will make you feel warm without taking the edge off your outfit. Moto jackets are usually made of artificial leather so they’re quite affordable. Moreover, they’re extremely versatile so they can be worn on top of any outfit.

Leather is a good insulator so it will block the cold air and allow you to move comfortably as it gets cloudy. You won’t have to add several layers under your romper because your jacket will do a good job.

Keep your moto jacket open to show off your romper or button it up if it feels a little chilly. The good news is that your romper is usually made of lightweight material so it won’t feel bulky and won’t make your feel boxy.

  1. Go for a Long Cardigan

Long cardigans will keep you warm this fall, even if you choose to wear them on top of any summer outfit. Long cardigans come in all shapes and are usually made of medium-weight synthetic fibers. They will block the wind and create this warm cozy shell that will protect you from the cold air.

Wearing a long cardigan contrasts beautifully with your short romper. As a matter of fact, wearing different lengths at the same time will make you feel that you’ve added several new pieces to your closet when you’re actually mixing and matching the ones you already have. The back of the cardigan might be straight or curved; giving you several options to try and experiment with.

  1. Don’t Forget your Tights

As you’re adding layers on top of your romper, you shouldn’t forget your legs. There’s a common belief that if you keep your legs and feet warm, you won’t feel cold even if the temperature drops significantly. The good news is that you can find different types and colors of tights to wear under any romper you already have. These stylish tights won’t change the way your romper seamlessly hugs your body and will create that extra layer that you need for protection.

Fishnets look cool, especially if you pair them with a solid romper. There are tens of fishnet patterns that you can add to your closet and wear with other short dresses and skirts. Add a cardigan or jacket on top and you’ll be good to attend a cool dinner or brunch with your friends. If you’re feeling a little feisty, you can add crystal tights for a night out.

As the fall gets colder, you can always go a little extra by wearing leggings under your romper. Leather leggings are thin enough to be worn under your romper in the morning or at night. You just need to make sure that you’re adding an adequate layer on top to keep your upper body warm.

  1. Wear a Fur Jacket

There’s something extremely luxurious and extravagant about fur. Synthetic fur feels so soft to touch and is usually made of synthetic fibers that block the coldness and keep you warm. Fur jackets might not be suitable for school or college but they are excellent for any other event, especially if you want to look a little extra.

Synthetic fur jackets come in all shades to complement the look of your romper whether it’s solid or patterned. Pairing them with long boots is enough to keep you warm in fall and early winter. If a jacket feels too much to wear, you can always opt for a fur vest. Long and short fur vests are amazing pieces to add to your closet because they can be worn on top of other outfits.


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  1. Add a Scarf on Top

Covering your neck and chest with a scarf is a good solution if you need to keep yourself warm before switching into winter outfits. Infinity scarves are so trendy and come in all shapes and sizes so you can have that fuzzy feeling around your neck. Even if the scarf isn’t that heavy, wearing several layers around your neck is enough to protect you from the cold air.  

You can always try something different by styling your own square or rectangle scarf. There are several tutorials that can teach you how to wrap these simple scarves in different ways. The easiest one is to fold your scarf into a rectangular form and tie the two ends behind your neck. However, there are more designs that you can explore and try with all your outfits.

  1. Choose an Oversized Shirt

An oversized shirt will make your romper more suitable for fall. Some oversized shirts are fur or Sherpa-lined so they’re suitable for the cold weather. Plaid shirts look great with your solid rompers when you pair them with your sneakers or ankle boots.

Keeping your shirt unbuttoned will help you show off your sexy romper. If you’re feeling a little cold, you can button up your shirt and add a thin belt on top. The bottom part will show and you can still feel warm without having to buy new pieces for fall. The best thing is that you can easily remove the shirt if it gets too hot.

Although you might not think that it’s possible, a romper can be worn this fall with a few adjustments. As the temperature drops, there are a lot of modifications that you can do to wear your romper as a suitable piece for fall.

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