How To Wear A Romper


A romper is a casual outfit which can come in various dimensions and styles. It is usually worn in summer. Although, some fashion designers make rompers that can be worn during the winter as well. The outfit is a combination of short and top sewn together to make a piece. The incorporation makes it look classy and smart. Even though people normally wear it on casual occasions, it can also be worn for special occasions especially black rompers. Apart from the fact it is a sophisticated piece of clothing, it is quite easy to wear. You can wear this classic fashion item in so many ways. It depends on the occasion and what you love. You can even get creative with it and fashion out a new technique that will make you look more elegant in it.

Rompers go well with other fashion accessories. It can also be paired with other clothing accessories like blazers.  It can be worn as an evening dress if you go for appropriate designs and style. In fact, there are designs that can be worn to the office. Recently, designers are coming out with different patterns, sizes, and hues. Sometimes, some people decide to choose vintage styles for certain outings. Notwithstanding, new designs are also making waves and you can never go wrong with them.

In case you are wondering how you can wear a romper without breaking the banks and still look elegant, here is a 5 step romper style guide.


Here's a 5-step Guide to Look Stylish Wearing a Romper

Romper Style Guide

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       1. Buy the Appropriate Size

Rompers are not one size fits all fashion item. They come in various sizes and dimensions. You should make sure you choose your exact size. Most clothing item can be worn even if it doesn't have your size label on it, but this is not the case with rompers. The only size you can wear with ease is the one that fits you perfectly. Also look at the crotch to know if it drops whenever you wear it. If you are tall, make sure you check the length of the romper you are buying. Romper can short, long, very short and very long. There are situations whereby a person picks a romper which seems to be short, and later finds out it is very short after purchasing it. A romper can be short on a petite woman but when worn by a taller person, it becomes shorter. This is why you should know the particular length of the romper you want.


       2. Choose Luxe Fabrics

As an adult, don't wear rompers made with fabrics that are common among children. Some certain fabrics are normally used in kids clothing, ditch them completely. Go for classic fabrics which will make you look more mature. Satin and silk are examples of materials that are good for making rompers for adults. There are times you might want to rock a romper to an official gathering, choosing a mature looking design will give the sense of a smart yet fashionable person. Additionally, look for designs with long sleeves, dark hues and lace trim. Dark unpatterned rompers are always classified as sophisticated especially when the color is black. Black rompers always give a sense of maturity not only in fashion but also other products. Likewise, wearing a long sleeve romper is so classy and will make you look more modest in spite of the length you choose.


      3. Go for Longer Styles

One fantastic fact about rompers is that it is possible to add to its length. Even though short rompers are more common and worn by people. Long length romper dresses can also make you fall in love with it over and over again. You can wear it in summer, you just have to pick a style that doesn't accommodate heat too much. For instance, a spaghetti romper with long pant legs will definitely turn heads and it can be worn in summer. Even during winter, long length is ideal and will make a good impression with the long sleeve top. Want to make it more classy? Choose a cropped leg design. This way, you are incorporating two elegant trending designs into one attractive piece.


       4. Versatility

Sometimes, you might not want to show you are wearing a romper. It feels good to have someone ask you "Is this a romper?". You can create an impression that you are rocking a mini dress. The shorts beneath the dress is somehow hidden in the front. Some designs will have the back of the dress revealed while some have it covered front and back. Either way, you can wear this smart looking style for different occasions. It also looks great with blazers and wedge sandals. This type of design can be made with different types of fabrics. If you prefer a floral print fabric, you will find a romper of your choice with visible floral designs.

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        5. Use Cute Accessories

The type of accessories you use goes a long way in determining how a romper will look on you. In a situation whereby you have a floral romper dress you want to wear but you don't want to look plain, you can just pick a piece of cute jewelry to go with it. Apart from this, you can also wear it with a pair of sandals that have metallic look. You might also decide to wear an off-shoulder romper without feeling too exposed. You can add a blazer or jacket on top of it but remember to pick a color that complements it. As for shoes, it depends on where you want to wear the dress to. A casual beach romper can be paired with comfortable slippers while a matured looking romper made with luxe fabrics can be worn with a pair of stiletto heels. Other accessories that can be worn with romper includes hat, wedge, sneakers, metal jewelry and so on.

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