10 Events Where You Can Always Where a Trendy Romper


Every occasion calls for a different outfit, but when it comes to fashionable one-pieces, there are dozens of events suited for the style. You can put on your favorite cute romper for any of the following events and no one will disapprove. In fact, you’ll probably get more than a few compliments on your modern sense of style.

1. Your Favorite Band’s Concert

A cute bodysuit or trendy romper is the best way to make an impression on the band during a weekend gig. Concerts can be difficult to dress for: do you err on the side of comfortable since you’ll be standing for hours, or do you wear something a bit fancier since it’s a special occasion? A party romper is the perfect combo of comfort and style. Pair it with a pair of glittery booties for the perfect concert ensemble.

2. Your Best Friend’s Bridal Shower

Although the thought of buying a Forever 21 romper for your girlfriend’s bridal event might seem questionable, white jumpsuits and rompers are an excellent choice for those pre-wedding events. Not only are one-pieces affordable, but they can also be quite elegant when paired with the right accessories. Look for cheap, cute rompers that are adorned with lace or shimmery material if you want to kick things up a notch. You can also play around with delicate jewelry or strappy heels to dress up the outfit.

3. Summer Pool Parties

Light, bright-colored rompers make exceptional swimsuit coverups. Instead of wearing your baggy old T-shirt over your bikini, consider picking up an affordable romper, in regular or plus size. That way, if you decide to head somewhere other than the poolside, you’ll still be dressed to impress in a casual romper. As summer rolls around, look for tropical prints and colorful stripe patterns in all your favorite clothing stores.

4. Holiday Gatherings

If you think that one-pieces are for summer only, think again. Dressy rompers and jumpsuits should be a part of every modern woman’s winter wardrobe. Look for wide-leg jumpsuits, velvet rompers, and long-sleeve one-pieces to wear to all of your fancy winter gatherings. From Christmas to New Year’s Eve, there are many events where rompers can make a welcome statement. Added bonus: with an elegant jumpsuit, your legs will stay warm in the cool weather.

5. Date Night With That Special Someone

Cheap jumpsuits and trendy rompers can really help you knock out your first impression on a  special date. You’ll look perfectly put-together in a one-piece, but you won’t have the hassle of dealing with a little black dress or too-tight jeans. Depending on the weather, you can wear a light romper or a warmer jumpsuit. Either way, you’re sure to make your date do a double-take.

6. School Dances

Who decided that only dresses were allowed at high school events like prom and homecoming? Why not stand out from your classmates and wear something a little more interesting? Jumpsuits and rompers for juniors shouldn’t be ignored during prom season. Try on a strapless jumpsuit or a glittery romper to see if you’d rather go with a more non-traditional dance option. Chances are you’ll find more affordable rompers on sale than you will fancy dresses. Plus, you can probably re-wear the outfit multiple times, unlike those floor-length prom gowns you see in department stores.

7. Your Family’s Beach Vacation

Nothing makes you want to go on a shopping spree like an upcoming trip to a tropical beach. Thankfully, cheap rompers for women are easy to come by, especially during the summer months. Their light material and fun patterns make them a necessity for any lady’s packing list. Don’t forget to throw in a dressy jumpsuit or two just in case you head to a fancy dinner while you’re out and about.

8. The Club on a Friday Night

The last thing you want to worry about on a fun night is your dress getting all twisted and out-of-place. With a romper, you can move and groove without letting anything fall out of place. Women’s rompers and jumpsuits make flexibility a bit more achievable, but they don’t sacrifice style in the name of comfort. You can even find one-pieces that are bedazzled with jewels or shimmery with glitter, so you’ll fit in instantly on the dance floor.

9. A Popular Music Festival

If there’s one place you need to wear your one-pieces, it’s festivals like Coachella. Music festivals offer the perfect opportunity to don your favorite boho rompers, sexy jumpsuits, and even your favorite pair of overalls. Add a flower crown and some strappy sandals and you’re ready to blend in with all the other festival attendees. Oh, and don’t forget your trendy sunglasses.

10. Road Trips With the Besties

When packing for a road trip, you need all of your clothing to serve a purpose. After all, you only have so much available space in your suitcase. Fortunately, rompers can be extremely versatile, no matter where the road takes you. Hike Joshua Tree in your white lace romper or stroll around New York City in a trendy jumpsuit. By working with layers like tights and jackets, you can make your one-pieces work wherever you go, regardless of weather. 

Don’t assume that rompers are meant for one situation alone. You can make your favorite one-pieces work at a variety of events, from tropical vacations to parties and dances. Be brave with your dressy jumpsuits and embrace this lovable fashion trend. With just a little research, you can find affordable bodysuits and one-pieces all over the internet.

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