5 Ways to Transition your Winter Wardrobe into Spring


Just because the season is changing doesn’t mean your closet needs a total makeover. In fact, many of your chic winter outfits can translate well into the lukewarm temperatures of spring, if you know how to style them. It’s often just a matter of adding an accessory here or there.

Need some help making your favorite winter pieces work in warmer weather? Here are five easy tips for building an impressive spring wardrobe while mostly sticking to items you already own. 

Blue & Pink Floral Short Romper with Attached Choker | Trendy Rompers

Michelle Blue & Pink Floral Short Romper with Attached Choker | Trendy Rompers

Rely on Layers 24/7

Spring is an unpredictable season. One second it’s 30 degrees out, the next it’s 70. To prepare for the weather’s constant mood swings, dress in your favorite light layers that got you through the mild parts of winter. Black, white, and grey cardigans make it easy to add a bit of warmth to any outfit, and you can still wear your favorite winter jackets with your spring outfits. Just don’t break out the heavy coats, gloves, or other classic winter accessories if you can help it. Nothing makes an ensemble less fit for spring than a drab accessory that was meant for mid-January, not March. 

Add a Pop of Color

The end of winter is all about embracing new life, so don’t be afraid to welcome warmer weather with fun colors. Chances are, most of your winter wardrobe is composed of dark colors, but you can add a little bit of flair with bright heels, eye-catching accessories, or a spring-themed purse. Even black rompers or dresses can be made to fit the time of year with some fluorescent pumps or belts. By focusing on embellishing your outfits with colorful accessories, you can avoid purchasing entire new (and potentially pricey) outfits in seasonal colors.

Don’t Jump Straight into Your Summer Attire 

Even though you have plenty of trendy rompers hanging in your closet, just waiting to show off your legs and arms, don’t immediately start pulling out your favorite June outfits just yet. Spring is a transitional period, and the weather (and world of fashion) isn’t quite ready to embrace the styles that come with the summer months. That means no skimpy tank tops, cut-off shorts, or tropical dresses until later in the year. Instead, rely more on your winter wardrobe. Those styles tend to be more versatile and widely accepted, plus you won’t end up freezing when you underestimate how long the cold temperatures will linger.

Continue Wearing Your Trusty Black Leggings or Tights

Those black leggings were your best friends for the past few wintery months, so why put them away any sooner than you need to? Leggings and tights are a great way to make affordable rompers, dresses, and skirts work when the weather isn’t quite warm enough to welcome bare legs. Plus, they can imbue casual outfits with a trendy, business casual feel. Slip them on and voila! Your outfit reaches a whole new level of sophistication (or modesty if the situation calls for it). 

Leave Your Casual Open-Toed Shoes at Home 

Even if the weather does start to warm up, resist the urge to break out your flip-flops and sandals until at least May. It’s always safer to stick with your cute winter booties and closed-toed heels until summer is in full swing. Plus, who are we kidding? Your toes are in need of a serious pedicure after all of those months spent hiding from cold temperatures. 


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