How to Find a Romper That Actually Fits


When it comes to sizing, few kinds of clothing are as difficult as rompers or jumpsuits. Every body size requires different proportions, which makes shopping for one-pieces challenging no matter how short or tall you might be. 

If you’ve been struggling with awkward fitting rompers or too-short jumpsuits, don’t give up just yet. There are hundreds of different shapes and cuts that can make your romper dreams come true; you just need to know where to look. 

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you select the one-piece that works best for your body type, not the one on the mannequin. 


If You’re Pear-Shaped, Avoid Extra Fabric 

Tired of feeling like your lower half is constricted in trendy rompers and jumpsuits? Try to steer clear of rompers that have flowy pants or lots of crazy designs. These extra details can make your thighs and rear look larger than they really are and cause the romper to fit oddly. Instead, go with a romper that’s trim and flattering. A cinched waist like the one on this stunning lavender romper can also give you an hourglass shape instead of a bulky bottom one. 


If You’re Petite, Find a Halter-Neck Outfit 

When you’re small-boned, it can be difficult to fill a romper that’s made to fit an average-sized body. To accentuate your torso and help fill the top, look for a romper that has a halter neck. This will elongate your body and actually help the outfit stay in place, so you don’t have to worry about things shifting around while you’re out and about. This elegant red ensemble is an excellent example of a petite-style romper. 


If You’re Short, Keep It Simple 

Women under 5’3” are best off going with a slimming, simple look that they can easily accessorize. Short ladies probably find ruffled, flowy rompers to feel large and obnoxious, but a neat one-piece that has only one layer will keep you from drowning in fabric. If you’re looking for a jumpsuit but can’t find one with short enough legs, try hunting down a carpi-style one that has cropped pants. 


If You’re Athletically-Built, Play With Fun Sleeves 

Swimmers, tennis players, and other athletes tend to have broad shoulders that can make rompers and jumpsuits look strained. To avoid that awkward fit, try to find an outfit with loose, interesting sleeves like these. You’ll feel more comfortable and look a lot more natural. 


If You Have Short Legs, Go With an Off-the-Shoulder Look 

Although you might think the shoulders of a romper have nothing to do with your legs, you’d be surprised by how flattering an off-the-shoulder look can be for people who don’t want to draw attention to their legs. It also helps if you find a romper that has loose shorts and a defined waist that can make short legs feel longer. This floral romper is an excellent example of a style that would look phenomenal on a short-legged woman. 


If You’re Tall, Go With Cropped Pants 

Sometimes, if you’re above average in height, it’s best to go with a Capri-style pant leg. Many popular jumpsuits are cut to mid-calf, and those can be more flattering than jumpsuits that are just barely too short. You don’t want your pants to end at an awkward length, so err on the short side instead of cutting it too close. 

No matter what kind of body you have, there’s a one-piece that’s perfect for your type. Arm yourself with knowledge before you hit the mall and you’ll be able to find the style that’s just right for your unique shape.

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