Back-to-School Shopping: Here Are Your High School Essentials


It’s official: stores everywhere are discounting their summer gear and rolling out the new fashion trends for the upcoming school year. If you’re in high school, this is the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe and get excited for your first-day debut in a new grade. Bring out the stiff new backpacks, shiny shoes, and color-coordinated outfits. 

If you’re really looking to make an entrance as a fashionable student this year, there are a few items that should undoubtedly be on your shopping list as you hit the mall and online stores. From trendy rompers to bold sweaters, here are the top things to throw in your shopping cart. 


Practical Jumpsuit 

Long one-pieces are perfect for the start of school because they’re just warm enough for chilly classrooms but still a tiny bit reminiscent of summertime. For instance, this olive green jumpsuit embodies an amazing autumn tone and thick sleeves, but it’s still comfy and casual enough to wear on a lazy day.


Animal Print Cardigans 

Nothing takes jeans and a plain T-shirt to the next level like a brightly-colored cardigan with leopard spots or another wild pattern. Not bold enough to embrace a cheetah print? Go with something a little more subtle like vibrant bird feathers. After all, every girl needs a statement piece that’s both versatile and attention-grabbing.


Embroidered Bags and Tops 

One look at the top fashion stores will reveal that society is all about beautiful embroidery this year. Find a flirty dress with colorful stitching or pick a school backpack that has some yarn decorations weaved throughout its pattern. Even shirts with a touch of tasteful embroidery can be a great addition to any girl’s back-to-school haul. 


Floral Romper

Just because fall is approaching doesn’t mean you have to shed all of your summer attire. Bring a little bit of feminine nature to the boring school hallways by rocking a sweet, simple romper. Pair one like this pink and yellow flower romper with white sneakers for a look that’s as cute as it is practical. 


Fun Overalls 

When you think of overalls, you probably think of those Oshbegosh ones you had when you were four, or maybe a pair that a farmer would wear with a big straw hat. Nowadays, overalls don’t have to nearly that lame. Try on some that have a fun pattern like polka dots or hearts. If you really want to stand out, select one that’s made of a soft, silky material instead of classic denim. 


Plaid That Isn’t Boring 

Every fall, dozens of plaid shirts and skirts hit the racks, but don’t give in and select something too traditional. Instead, see if you can go with a fuzzy red sweater with a plaid pattern or perhaps plaid leggings. You’ll achieve that same autumn look without looking like you’re about to go backpacking in the mountains. 


Gingham Pants 

Black and white gingham pants offer a wonderful, sophisticated look that’ll surely earn you an A in the fashion department. You can easily pair them with casual tops like T-shirts and sweatshirts, but you’ll stick look effortlessly put-together as you dash from classroom to classroom. If you’re not into gingham, consider picking up a pair of pants with subtle polka dots or perhaps some stripes.

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