Women’s and Men’s Rompers: What's the Difference?


We’ve all seen the male romper versions and don’t know what to make of them: Do we take this seriously or are they just a joke? Rompers are here to stay, at least for women. Here are a few reasons why women’s rompers will last the test of time.

You can wear them all year long.

Women’s rompers are not only great for spring and summer but they can also be transitional pieces when you pair them with leggings or tights. (Read this article on what key pieces you’ll want to invest in this fall.)

There are more styles to choose from.

Men’s rompers only come in one basic style, short sleeves with shorts attached. Women have the luxury of fully expressing their personal style by wearing rompers that are sexy, casual, work appropriate, form fitting, all with so many fun prints and fabrics to choose from. Women’s rompers can be worn on any occasion, all year long unlike men’s where you may just wear them to a friend’s backyard bbq or bachelor party (as a joke). 

They can be taken seriously.

The bottom line is that women’s rompers can be taken seriously and make quite a fashion statement. It’s the easiest one and done outfit that can easily be work from day to night dressing them down with cute sandals to a classic pair of heels perfect for happy hour. 


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