Traveling this Summer? You NEED a Romper.


School is out, and summer is upon us. The air is warm, and the breeze blows cool wind through your hair. This is the season synonymous with fun, adventure, and unbelievable memories. Summer is also the high time for travel because of the weather and breaks from work and school. When you check your social media, it seems like every person is abroad smiling in front of the Eiffel Tower or in New York City’s famous Times Square. Traveling is good for the soul, and summer is the perfect time to get up and out the door and explore a little bit. Whether you go around the world or play tourist in your own town, you’re going to want to take some cute pics with your friends this summer. Near or far, rompers are the ideal choice for travelers everywhere. 


Ok ladies, let’s talk suitcase space. We all have our makeup bags, shoes, accessories, and all the other bulky items that are going to mean sacrificing an incredible amount of space in your bag. We all know the struggle of cramming all of our belongings into one carry on to avoid paying nasty fees, waiting for our bags, and even worse- having the bags get lost. Let’s face it, packing can be an absolute nightmare, especially when you are taking a long trip. This is why a romper is the ideal move for travelers as it is small, lightweight, and takes up almost no room in your suitcase. A romper is a perfect choice for those who need a whole day’s outfit that is compact and says, “summer, I’m ready for you.” You can just roll up the romper and rest easy knowing that you’ve saved space for all the other space selfish items that you need to bring along with you. 


Travel Comfort

Busses, planes, trains, cars, etc. You know the deal. Traveling is exhausting and often requires long flights and rides in order to get to the next destination. When you’re sitting for this long, clothes like jeans can get super uncomfortable and fast. We’ve all been there, wanting to wear PJs to the airport just so that we can feel comfortable and maybe even pop in a quick nap. The solution to this problem is easy! What you need is a cute romper to keep you looking amazing but have you feeling like a million dollars even when you have been traveling all day. You can sleep and adjust, move around at your own freedom because of the romper’s lightweight and free design. Comfort and style, what more can you want?


Half the fun of seeing new sights no matter how close or far is walking around a new place. Whether you are exploring the streets of Barcelona, soaking up the sun on the beaches of California, or going shopping in the crowded city of Tokyo- you’re going to want to be comfortable. Since it’s summer, walking outside has two layers of comfort- both of which the romper can satisfy. The first one is that it is hot outside, when walking around anywhere you need a fabric and clothing that will help you stay cool. Rompers have a wonderful form-fitting, yet breathable cut that will help you keep on your feet and walking around. Next, walking can get uncomfortable after hours, any tight material will stick to you, and the last thing you want on your vacation is to go back to your room to change clothes. Rompers allow for a wonderfully light and free walk, and they won’t be blown up by any wind that might come about! In any case, summer exploring needs a super free and light outfit that can keep your adventuring instead of turning around and regretting.  


Exploring is hands down the best part of traveling. This is when all the transportation, the layovers, the headaches and more are (hopefully) over, and you get to see what you really came to see. Amazing things worth exploring include street art, getting brunch at a new spot, or seeing old historical landmarks for the first or hundredth time! In either case, you’re going to want to snap some pictures while you are doing all of this incredibly fun adventuring to post on social media and to also keep in photo albums to remember the amazing memories you made on your fantastic summer adventures. While comfort in walking and traveling around is of the utmost importance when it comes to pictures, you’re going to want to look your absolute best. A romper is perfect in this situation because it does not falter or come short when it comes to style. Just by itself or even dressed up with some cute accessories or shoes, you will be looking social media ready in no time as you and your friends snap pictures of each other and together. Tis the season for looking your best so put on that romper and show summer what you’re made of!

So there you have it, summer is the time to let loose and learn new things, to explore and see parts of the world you had never seen. New cafes, old landmarks, walking around with your friends and family and creating memories that will never be forgotten. Traveling is a beautiful thing, but in many cases, it can be an absolute pain and take a toll on the traveler’s stress levels. This is why we say breathe easy, rest a moment, and know that rompers are here to save your summer travel stresses. From packing at home, traveling, and exploring your destination and your journey back home- rompers will always be the safe go-to bet for a seasoned traveler’s adventure season wardrobe. Flaunt that hot outfit and shine as bright as the summer sun as you live in blissful comfort and shine from within as well. Have a wonderful summer filled with incredible travels, and even more remarkable rompers.

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