How To Style & Layer Your Romper For a Chic Winter Outfit


Rompers have been in fashion since the 1970’s and as we know, people went crazy for them, not just babies. Today, we are happy to tell you that rompers have made a comeback, for adults, and certainly here to stay. A lot of people think just because summer has ended and winter is fast approaching, it is time to fold up the rompers till next season. Pause, don’t do that.

Here are some fashion tips to help you transition rompers and jumpsuits year round.

LBR Little Black Romper
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The LBR (Little Black Romper) 

In the past, women had a little black dress that’s kept as a go-to outfit whenever in doubt. Now that rompers are quickly taking the lead, there is no need to drop your favorite outfit especially when you can throw on a coat with booties! This look is perfect for date night, parties, and casual drinks with friends.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? More like rompers! During the unforgiving summer heat, wearing less was more than enough but with the changing seasons, you’ll need more warmth. Reintroducing leggings into your current wardrobe can be a great way to transition rompers from a trendy summer outfit to winter chic.

Cozy up Although it’s cold out, you want to head out to your favorite coffee shop and still wear your favorite romper like our Ashley copper-colored short romper with halter top. You totally can now with thick leggings, boots and a cozy coat! Bring it on winter! 

Summer Colors in the Winter

This is what we call patterns for every season. In the past, people tend to only wear bold prints during the spring and summer months, but why stop there? Invite fun prints into your fall and winter wardrobe by balancing warm cozy accessories and textures with your “summer” rompers and jumpsuits to make the perfect winter statement.

Long Sleeves

Have you invested in long sleeve rompers yet? It totally exists! If being warm is a priority, try this style out! Why choose to only be trendy when you can be both warm, too. Over the knee boots and a teddy bear coat can be perfectly paired with our Roxy off-the-shoulder knit romper with long sleeves. You’ll look positively amazing and weather appropriate.


Business on Top

Work hard, play harder right? Many times there are last minute meetings where we don’t have time to change so keeping a professional and stylish appearance is key. Our Rosie black velvety-soft cotton jumpsuit with open lace-up back  layered over a white long sleeve button up blouse and classic pumps turns this look to businesses casual in a snap! Even better, the long pant length will keep you warm.

So as the winter approaches us, give your rompers and jumpsuits a chance to make its own trendy statements throughout this new season along with your favorite scarves, jackets, sweaters, leggings and faithful boots. Who would have thought these rompers are versatile enough to keep you warm! This winter, there is no reason to say goodbye to your favorite rompers. All you have to do is restyle them into chic winter outfits and you’ll be the trendiest gal in town!

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