How to Wear a Romper in Spring - Style Guide


If you know how to style your romper right, you’ll have access to tens of good looks using the same item. Rompers are so versatile, and you can wear them in any way you prefer using a few inexpensive items. They provide a suitable option for spring wear because they’re lightweight, but you can add a few layers if it gets chilly.

Cotton and polyester are excellent choices for spring rompers. They can be dressed up or down if you wear them with the right accessories.

The most important thing is to get the right fit. Rompers come in all shapes to suit different body types, so you must choose something that suits you well. If your romper is too loose or too tight, you won’t feel comfortable, and it won’t look as good. Once you’ve got the right item, you can make a few changes to transform its look.

Here Are a Few Ideas to Wear a Romper in Spring

Add a Vest

floral romper

Vests are great items to wear when it starts to get a bit warm. Your vest isn’t as heavy as a jacket or a coat but provides that extra protection you might need when the temperature drops.

Leather vests compliment the look of your floral romper. They also look good with stripes and other patterns and can transform your casual romper to a dressy outfit when paired with the right shoes. Knit vests are better worn in the morning.

Add a few cool accessories to customize your outfit. Too many details will make your romper look too crowded.

Dare to Color Block

Spring is the season of transformation. This means that your outfit can combine some light and dark colors for the perfect balance.

A pink or white romper will look more elegant with some dark green or dark blue piping. Very light colors are more suitable for the summer, so a hint of darkness is what you need for spring.

Choose Longer Rompers

Rompers don’t have to be too short. You can pick a longer one for the cool spring. Mornings tend to be warm and sunny, but your above-knee romper will make you cold when the wind blows.

Go for a knee-length romper and pair it with your ankle boots. Add a pair of leggings for an extra essential layer. Keep above the knee boots for shorter rompers.

Black Always Wins

When in doubt wear black. Black is a neutral color that can be dressed in multiple ways. If you don’t already own a romper, you can start experimenting with this outfit by wearing a black romper. It looks good with any shoes or bag color and can be transformed into several elegant looks.

Black rompers look great with silver and gold accessories. You can add metal or leather belt to your outfit. You can even add a red or yellow blazer for an elegant layer. You can’t go wrong with a black romper.

Pair it With a Scar

A scarf can transform the look of any outfit. Just a little coverage to the neckline can make your summer romper a suitable outfit for the cool spring. Knit scarves look great with your romper, whether you add a cardigan on top or choose not to. You can tie your scarf or let it loose to provide that extra warmth.

Choose an infinity scarf that will complement the look of your floral romper. You can easily take it off if you feel that it’s too hot.

Morning T-shirts

No, you don’t have to buy a special romper for spring. Your summer rompers with their spaghetti straps will work just fine. All you have to do is to add a matching t-shirt under the romper, and you’ll be good to go.

Casual solid rompers will look great with striped or tie-dye t-shirt. If you have a polka dot or floral romper, you can pair it with a white t-shirt.

Go Bright

Spring is the season of new beginnings. You can go bold with a new bright color that will represent a change from the winter wardrobe. It’s time to get rid of all the dark shades and embrace the happy fun colors that represent the essence of spring.

Yellow, coral, and turquoise are great shades to experiment with. Pick a solid romper and add a cool matching belt to emphasize your waistline. As for the sleeves, you can forget about the spaghetti straps until the weather gets warmer. Pick long or short-sleeved rompers that will keep you a little bit warm in spring.

Denim Always Wins

The great thing about denim is that you can wear it all year long. Denim jackets are good to wear day or night and can help you wear a single item throughout the year. Summer rompers can be worn on spring mornings when the sun is shining. They will allow you to move freely and comfortably, but you’ll start to get cold by the end of the day. All you have to do is to grab your crop or short denim jacket and add it to your outfit.

You can add a pattern or print to the back of your denim jacket. Choose a flower or butterfly on the look of your jacket to complement the look of your spring romper. Sequin details and zippers will also look great.

Add a Turtleneck

plaid romper

A matching turtleneck will keep you warm on a spring day. You can choose a sleeveless turtleneck if you don’t want to get too while wearing a cool plaid romper. A long-sleeved turtleneck is good for chilly nights.

Wear a Kimono

Kimonos flow freely and provide movement. You can wear your kimono on a spring morning with your wedges for a comfortable walk with your friends. Pick a matching pattern that complements your outfit look.

There are lots of options when it comes to changing the look of your romper. Try these different ideas and have a new look every single day.

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