5 Pieces to Add to Your Back to School Wardrobe


Summer may not be officially over but the school year has just started. This is an exciting part of the year where you get an excuse to go shopping and get a new backpack, cute notebooks with matching pens, and of course, trendy outfits to show off. 

Even if you’re on a budget, there are lots of ways to transition your summer pieces with a few new staple pieces to make it fall appropriate. Here are a few key pieces to add to your wardrobe this week:

1. Leggings, nylons, printed tights 

Start with some sheer nylons and work your way to more opaque styles, even some with cute patterns on them. Although they look sheer, this thin layer will add that extra layer of warmth, especially in class when the AC is blasting. 

2. Booties 

It’s bootie season again! Investing in a cute and comfortable every day bootie in a black or neutral color will carry you throughout the entire season and will instantly turn you summer outfits to fall. Pair your favorite romper with a over-the-knee boot for an added statement.

3. Scarves 

Back to school weather can be a little unpredictable as it still may have days where the summer sun likes to linger, or days where the coolness creep into the day. Solution? Scarves! They’re perfect when you don’t want to wear a jacket but still need a little warmth and don’t take up too much space in your purse in you decide to take it off. Here’s a little secret: we will carry the softest scarf ever next month! 

4. Hats 

Wide brimmed hats, knit beanies or beret hats are so cute to add to any back to school outfits because they are both fashionable and functional. 

5. Long sleeve 

A must have in your fall back to school wardrobe is a simple long sleeve shirt or blouse. Fall style is all about layering and a thing long sleeve under any romper or jumpsuit, especially ones that are sleeveless or strapless will transition these summery outfits to fall appropriate. 

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