5 Trends to Ditch in 2018


2017 was full of trends, both new like the unicorn trend and also brought us back to the 90's with chokers. Although fun while it lasted, the time has come to retire them and move on, especially from designer Crocs. 

Keep the fringe and mixed prints but here are 5 trends that everyone should ditch in 2018 instead.

Chokers | Fashion Trends to Ditch in 2017

1. Chokers

From velvet to plastic, this trend made its comeback in 2017, but let's leave it there. Maybe in another decade?

Instead: Wear elegant and dainty necklaces that will flatter your neckline. 

2. Corset Belts

This is the year to stop wearing your waist trainer outside you clothes and look like you can't breathe.

Instead: Wear a skinny belt to cinch in your waist for boxier silhouettes.

3. Unicornucopia aka unicorn rainbow everything

Stop. Just stop this madness. We all need a little color in our lives but how about a couple at a time, please. 

Instead: Anything but unicorns. 

4. Lace up tops

Criss-cross-apple-sauce. Leave this trend for your shoes.

Instead: Opt for a high neckline that will leave you looking elongated and oh so elegant. 

5. Romphims

All joking aside, could this REALLY be a thing?!! 

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