5 Easy Ways to Style a Jumpsuit for Summer

5 easy ways to style a jumpsuit for summer


Are you bored of wearing the same outfits every day? Adding a jumpsuit to your wardrobe is an excellent decision. This versatile and elegant piece can be styled and worn in many ways so you look different every day without having to buy an extra clothing item.

Busy women don’t have time to experiment with clothes as much as they want to. This is why it’s always a good idea to have a few quick tips that can transform the look of your outfits. Just because you’re busy, doesn’t mean that you want to look dull. You can still look your best and turn heads by following a few easy and inexpensive tips.

Picking a jumpsuit that fits your body and lifestyle is a great tip. You can wear it on different occasions and events depending on how you choose to style it. Using the items that you already own, you’ll be able to create a new and trendy look every single day.

1. Pick a Denim Vest

Denim will never fail you. A denim vest is an excellent addition to your wardrobe because you can wear it all year long. It doesn’t feel too hot or too cold so you can wear it on days when you’re not sure how the weather will turn out to be. A sleeveless vest is a good option because it won’t keep you warm the way a jacket would do.

The classic denim vest will complement the look of your jumpsuit, whether it’s made of a solid or patterned fabric. It adds a little edge to your simple outfit so you can wear it for a brunch or dinner with friends.

You can also find some vests with added trendy details. Lace and sequin can be used on the shoulders, back or front pockets of your vest. Make sure not to use too many colors if your jumpsuit is full of bold colors. Keep your outfit noise-free by adding those detailed vests to a simple jumpsuit.

Colored denim is a popular trend. You can find neon or pastel colors that will match with several patterns and hues. Don’t be scared to experiment with different styles until you find the one that you like.

2. Add a Silk Scarf:

You’re right, scarves are for winter. But a silk scarf isn’t meant to keep you warm. This shiny and lightweight piece of fabric will make your outfit look more feminine and elegant.

If you have a jumpsuit with an edgy neckline, then the silk scarf is your best friend. This revealing neckline will work for dinners and date nights, but you can still wear the jumpsuit in the mornings with the help of your silk scarf. It’s an elegant way to turn a revealing outfit to a more modest one.

Colorful scarves will work great with solid jumpsuits. You can check the colors and pick matching shoes to complete the look. If your jumpsuit is made of patterned fabric, pick one of them as to choose your scarf color. There are rectangular and square models out there and you can wear them in several ways.

3. Wear a T-shirt:

Do you know this amazing jumpsuit that only works for the beach? Think again. Even if your jumpsuit has thin straps or is a strapless model, you can still make it more modest so you can wear it for school or work. All you need to do is to add a basic t-shirt.

Take a look at your jumpsuit. A white t-shirt will work with most solid colors but you can also choose black or any other color that can be found in the jumpsuit pattern. A fitted t-shirt makes your flirty jumpsuit more practical. Go for sleeveless or short-sleeved t-shirts so you can transform the look of your jumpsuit.

4. Try a Lightweight Blazer:

The temperature usually drops at night even in summer. If you want to wear your jumpsuit on a formal occasion, then a lightweight blazer is your best bet. A fitted cotton or linen jacket can also be worn to the office so you can have a polished look.

When you pair the jumpsuit with a blazer, you get the look of a formal and dressy suit without having to shop for one. Add a simple necklace and belt to make your outfit more elegant. Choosing the right footwear is extremely important, especially when you want to transform a casual jumpsuit to an elegant one.

5. Be Wise with Accessories:

Avoid wearing too many accessories because they will make your outfit look too crowded. Think of your skin tone and choose silver or golden accessories that complement the look of your elegant outfit.

Take a look at the neckline of your jumpsuit and choose an appropriate necklace. Shorter necklaces will work perfectly with deep v-necklines as they attract attention to your top area. A crew neck that doesn’t show much skin will work perfectly with longer chains. Layering several chains and necklaces on top of each other will also work with square and round necklines.

Take your body shape into consideration before adding a belt to your outfit. If you have a defined waistline, you can add a wide belt that emphasizes your narrow waist and gives you the hourglass shape. A wider belt will make your chest look bigger so if you have a big bust that you don’t want to attract more attention to, then you probably need to stay away from these models.

A thin or tie belt is a suitable choice for pear-shaped bodies. If you have exceptionally wide hips, then you might want to stay away from belts altogether.

Choosing the right way to style your jumpsuit is all about trial and error. There are tons of amazing and innovative ideas that you can try, but you must understand that not all of them will work for your body type or specific occasion. Don’t be afraid to try some of these ideas the next time you think about buying a new summer outfit.

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