3 Romper Styles to Wear in Winter


Baby it’s cold outside! As the winter season approaches, it’s time to start bringing out all the coziness we have stored away in our closets. As we transition from warm to cool, you may intend on trading your rompers with sweaters and thick pants but keep their spot in your closet! Here are 3 romper styles to wear in winter:

1. Rompers with Long Sleeves

The most obvious is to wear rompers with long sleeves. For added warmth, you can add a hidden layer of a heat-tech or thermal long sleeve underneath and everyone will wonder how you’re so warm in a romper!

2. Sleeveless Rompers with Sweaters

I don’t know about you but layering clothes for the cooler weather is my favorite because you can play with different textures and colors for a unique look. On top of that, throw on your favorite jacket and scarf for a complete winter look.

3. Rompers with Leggings and Boots

Over-the-knee boots to be exact. Adding thigh-high boots will instantly transition your summer rompers to winter appropriate. For added warmth, layer leggings and thick knit socks under your boots and you will be as hot as cocoa.

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